Students meet in GC to pray for nations

Photo by Laura Hickman. 

By Allison Jarboe, Features Editor 

“Prayer for the Nations” is a student-lead organization that meets every night at 10 p.m. in the Geiger Center prayer room.

The group that meets prays for a specific country extensively each night, as well as other needs around the world, and personal needs.

Moriah Lamb, sophomore nursing major, attend prayer for the nations each night, and has enjoyed the experience.

“I started going to prayer after I talked to Beth at Un Cuerpo last year,” Lamb said. “It quickly became the one place on campus where I fit in, where I had a place and felt at home.”

Many students who attend prayer for the nations grow in their recognition of the Holy Spirit’s impact through prayer.

Luke Jarboe, junior physics major, also attends Prayer for the Nations and has grown in his walk with God. He also has seen the development and closeness in the group that prays together.

“It’s been so impactful to me to fervently pray for other countries in our world,” Jarboe said. “When we pray for the nations, we are being obedient to God, and this kind of obedience produces fruit in our lives. I’ve been so encouraged, and I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how God is working in our world.”

Lamb said that she has also gained a similar understanding.

“Since I started attending Prayer for the Nations, I’ve come to realize the true power of prayer,” Lamb continued. “I’ve seen the effect that Prayer for the Nations has on the campus and worldwide.”

Jarboe also explained that the group also focuses on encouragement and prayer within their personal lives. “People are opening up about their needs and the group can rally around them and truly pray in community for revival and God’s hand in that situation.”

Lamb said that she has seen the Holy Spirit move not only in small circles, but in the global community.

“It’s incredible to see God’s work not only in personal requests among our group—” Moriah said, “—but also to know that our prayers for different nations each night do not go unheard and are having an impact among people we will probably never meet.”

Jarboe shared that the group has seen many prayers answered.

“Just recently, we rejoiced together over the answering of a prayer request that we had been lifting up for a long time,” Jarboe said. “We pray for healing, for miracles, for the salvation of loved ones and lost people groups, and we know that we are being obedient to God, and have seen that His Spirit is alive and working in incredible ways.”

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  1. Kambale Sikwaya Méschac Avatar
    Kambale Sikwaya Méschac

    hello dear!
    i’m glad for that program of prayer. i’m Méschac sikwaya from the Democratic Republic of Congo, i’m theologian and i would like to ask you how Can some one be the one of you.


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