Letter from the editor

Fall 2017 Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Sperrazza is a senior news and information (journalism) student.

Dear OBU Community, 

There is so much bad news in the world right now. Stories of devastation in Texas and Asia, rumors of a nuclear war, starvation in Yemen, cities wiped out in Syria. . . if it makes me wonder whether I want to pick up a newspaper, I know you probably struggle with it. I write for the newspaper, and there are days where I’m just fed up with it.

As editor-in-chief of The Bison, I want to acknowledge how bitter the news can be for you, our readers. It’s sometimes bitter for us who write it. And while our small college paper doesn’t cover the conflicts in the Middle East or print crime stories every week, I know the news can be more discouraging than informative sometimes.


“But we have good news and that good news has a name and that name is Jesus Christ.”

That declaration has been my anthem all summer, and I’m carrying it with me into this semester. That declaration, coming from Irish worship band, Rend Collective, points out the headlining truth for anyone who claims the name of Christ: no matter how much bad news there is in the world today, we have good news big enough to cover the rest. Our good news is headline worthy and we, as believers, must proclaim it. The gospel is our good news.

We must proclaim the gospel over the racism and conflict in our communities. We must proclaim that good news in our town halls, in our state offices and in our country’s capital when we are discouraged by political discourse.

I can’t promise you that you’ll pick up The Bison and only find stories of success and happiness, though we work hard to cover them. I can promise you though, in this new era of “fake news,” that our staff and myself strive to proclaim truth.

Lettertotheditorphotobyjeremy scott
Students gather on the steps of Raley Chapel after The Walk. The theme for 2017 Welcome Week was unity. OBU photo by Jeremy Scott.

As we prepare for our first paper, coming to your newsstands Sept. 13, I encourage you to remember our good news, which covers all the rest. The staff and I welcome everyone back for this fall semester, and we can’t wait to cover all that happens on Bison Hill.


Alyssa Sperrazza

One response to “Letter from the editor”

  1. Alyssa. A very good article. You will do good as editor. I am looking forward to the first edition of The Bison.
    Go Bison!


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