The Black Couch

The Black Couch is a special section of The Bison in which members of the OBU community are able to seek advice on a variety of otherwise sensitive topics, which are then approached in a playful, supportive, and respectful way. Most of the time, questions featured in the section are rather humorous and the panel tends to prefer these, however, our advice columnist is more than willing to engage with any topics you might want to offer!

A highlight of the section is that people who submit questions are encouraged to do so anonymously. Each question should be “signed by” a light, comical title which the columnist can reference. This encourages the playful tone characteristic of the section.

Due to the nature of this section, we ask that only individuals affiliated with OBU (students, faculty, staff) submit to The Black Couch. Please be aware that, as it is with general submissions to The Bison, the editorial staff reserves the right to reject any submitted material for any reason at any time without feedback or explicit reasoning. Likewise, the editorial staff reserves the right to edit materials for clarity, brevity, usage, or legal considerations as they fall within the interests of the university community.

Got a roommate who won’t stop adding to their pickle jar collection and taking up valuable space in your “shared” dorm room? Struggling to know how to live out your days without your life-long companion Dorothy the Goldfish by your side? Upset by the fact the entire campus seems to show up to the cafe when you even dare think about food?

We understand! Life on Bison Hill can sometimes be a series of whacky trials and tribulations, but we’re here to lend an ear! Look, we even brought you a soapbox!

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