What If Things Don’t Get Better?

Audrey Branham This past year has been troubling. As our generation starts to become adults, we have been faced with some intense, eye-opening events. The world has been wracked with fear and many have lost their lives and loved ones during the Pandemic Outbreak of COVID-19. The young generation of Americans experienced a difficult time … Continue reading What If Things Don’t Get Better?

Suffering in our Modern World

Audrey Branham Suffering comes in all forms, but whether it’s mundane or Earth-shattering, suffering is one of the only constants in this world. Throughout history and many different cultures, there have been thousands of coping mechanisms and explanatory systems that try to explain why individuals experience suffering and how best to deal with it when … Continue reading Suffering in our Modern World

Why Should I Pray?

Audrey Branham Muslims pray the Salat five times a day, religious Jews pray through the Siddur (prayer book) and Hindus offer sixteen varieties of Pujas towards different deities and honored guests. Even within Christianity, prayer is wide and varied. While some Catholics pray the rosary (a set of ordered established prayers), Protestants usually improvise prayer. … Continue reading Why Should I Pray?


Holly Easttom Yesterday I spoke with a “new” Christian about the moment of her baptism. She told me she reveled in that moment because it symbolized the washing away of her suffering and she felt relieved she no longer had to experience strife. That resonated with me—and maybe not in the way intended. You see, … Continue reading Suffering