To OBU From Campus Activities Board: “Lodge of Love”

By Olivianna Calmes, Assistant Arts Editor

Love was in the air at Lodge of Love” this last week.  

The event was at 8pm in the Lodge and was hosted by Campus Activities Board. 

Audience members were encouraged to bring a date because it was Valentine’s Day themed. Regardless if they had dates, the lobby of the Lodge was packed with OBU students of all classifications. 

The emcees brought lots of humor to the event, featuring musical acts, skits referencing biblical romances and awkward first dates, among others. 

The show was directed by sophomore nursing majors Katy Palmer and Laina Poe.  

Palmer said that she felt special to get this opportunity. 

“Seeing the crowd laugh and having fun made it worth it,” Palmer said. I joined CAB my freshman year and I’ve always thought that directing a show was the coolest thing ever. I never thought that I would actually be able to direct a show myself and so this opportunity was super special.” 

The musical acts featured Joel Tetmeyer and Raelyn Williamson, Ansley Biesadecki, The Nursing Girls, and Jacob Mitchell. 

The show started off with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease, and only good things followed. 

Ansley sang a song by Adele in a lovely smooth low voice, and the Nursing girls (Abbie Poole, Megan Kalinowski, Elisha Coffin, MacKenzie Palmer, Emily Moore, Corinne Larson and Britley Gardner) got everyone in the audience hyped up by singing a medley of familiar tunes. 

The last musical act was Jacob Mitchell, who ended the night singing with an amazingly emotional voice.  

The other director, Laina Poe, said that directing this event was a blast. 

We just wanted everyone to come out and have fun and laugh,” Poe said. 

And laugh they did. 

There was an array of emcee skits as well as musical acts throughout the show. The emcees included Roman Wright, Heath McClure, Brooke Mitchell, Wesley Evans, Afton Urton, with Evan Hawkins and Ashley Casallas as the hosts. The emcees had the audience laughing lots, especially in their skits about speed dating and the first date. 

The speed dating skit featured one of the men constantly running into his crazy ex-girlfriend and only meeting girls who were a little odd.

The saving factor of his speed dating experience was unlikelyfinding a new guy friend and getting out of there.  



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