2019 Spring Affair “Super” in many ways

By Olivianna Calmes, Assistant Arts Editor

There is so much to say about OBU’s “Su-per Spring Affair”, it is hard to fi nd where to start. Everyone could fi nd something they liked between the nu-merous music acts, stage band, and emcee skits and videos. The superhero theme was shown throughout the skits and stage band set list, most prominently.

The much-beloved stage band is comprised mostly of seniors (ex-cept for Misael) this year, and this was their last show. It was heart-warming to see them pour their hearts into the music and both play beautifully and rock out.

The winners of the show, Mad Respect, changed the scene of the night. These three fabulous singers sang Respect, made famous by Aretha Franklin. They included dance steps and their harmony was spot on. From their electrifying entrance to their sassy last note, this group really stole the show.

The Co-Pilots were a great start to the show. The five-person group consisting of all seniors performed “Tear in my Heart”, by Twenty One Pilots.

Jonny vocals were in peak form and the band’s performance matched. Brady Cox, the only solo act, did a mashup of “Lean on Me” and a song by NEEDTOBREATHE.

He got the whole audience clapping along. His slightly raspy tone did the song justice. He was one to watch.

Brad and the Babes (B.A.T.B) showcased beautiful harmonies in a rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. Everyone seemed to love it.

The 3 J’s and a W gave everyone some indie/alternative feels and the performers were talented musicians.

Mostly Seniors was another amazing addition to the show as a whole. They performed “How to Love”, by PJ Morton.

Us the Dectet performed Us the Duo’s “(Stop) Just Love”. Their group looked great in their matching colors. Kawehi started the performance with a single voice and then others followed.

Brittney Poe’s wind-blown hair and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy impression add-ed lots of pizazz to the skits.

Jordan brought lots of energy to the stage, shining in the sky-high remake skit as the teacher.

Chapman’s acting was impressive, especially when channeling his inner Harry Potter and Dr. Doofenshmirtz. His vocal solo about a hard childhood, singing as the antagonist from Phineas and Ferb was quite funny.

Jimi Parker stole the show with his Nacho Libre impression in both a physical skit and a video skit.

He has just recently won the Blitz Week show, Mr. Bison Pag-eant, and was named Mr. Bison for the year.

He also acted like Jack Jack from the Incredibles, which was an impressive feat.

Brand new members of CAB were included in this show. Many freshmen greeted and handed out programs.

The lobby of Raley was covered in comic strip décor and photo-booth setups.

During halftime, half-time crew served skittles and drinks.

Many people are commenting on the bird that was flying in Potter Auditorium during the show. The bird swooped down near isles and allegedly pooped as well. I guess it really was a bird, not a plane OR superman.

Overall, this was a good show and the musical talent surprised people in the audience as it always does in one way or another.

To OBU From Campus Activities Board: “Lodge of Love”

By Olivianna Calmes, Assistant Arts Editor

Love was in the air at Lodge of Love” this last week.  

The event was at 8pm in the Lodge and was hosted by Campus Activities Board. 

Audience members were encouraged to bring a date because it was Valentine’s Day themed. Regardless if they had dates, the lobby of the Lodge was packed with OBU students of all classifications. 

The emcees brought lots of humor to the event, featuring musical acts, skits referencing biblical romances and awkward first dates, among others. 

The show was directed by sophomore nursing majors Katy Palmer and Laina Poe.  

Palmer said that she felt special to get this opportunity. 

“Seeing the crowd laugh and having fun made it worth it,” Palmer said. I joined CAB my freshman year and I’ve always thought that directing a show was the coolest thing ever. I never thought that I would actually be able to direct a show myself and so this opportunity was super special.” 

The musical acts featured Joel Tetmeyer and Raelyn Williamson, Ansley Biesadecki, The Nursing Girls, and Jacob Mitchell. 

The show started off with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease, and only good things followed. 

Ansley sang a song by Adele in a lovely smooth low voice, and the Nursing girls (Abbie Poole, Megan Kalinowski, Elisha Coffin, MacKenzie Palmer, Emily Moore, Corinne Larson and Britley Gardner) got everyone in the audience hyped up by singing a medley of familiar tunes. 

The last musical act was Jacob Mitchell, who ended the night singing with an amazingly emotional voice.  

The other director, Laina Poe, said that directing this event was a blast. 

We just wanted everyone to come out and have fun and laugh,” Poe said. 

And laugh they did. 

There was an array of emcee skits as well as musical acts throughout the show. The emcees included Roman Wright, Heath McClure, Brooke Mitchell, Wesley Evans, Afton Urton, with Evan Hawkins and Ashley Casallas as the hosts. The emcees had the audience laughing lots, especially in their skits about speed dating and the first date. 

The speed dating skit featured one of the men constantly running into his crazy ex-girlfriend and only meeting girls who were a little odd.

The saving factor of his speed dating experience was unlikelyfinding a new guy friend and getting out of there.  



“Freshman Follidays” to welcome holiday season

By Kendra Johnson, Arts Editor

The OBU Campus Activities Board will host the annual Freshman Follies freshman class talent show during homecoming weekend, Saturday Oct. 13 at 8 p.m.

This year’s follies will be directed by CAB members and OBU seniors Kelton Mims and Matthew Sanders. The theme is centered around all the holidays that take place during the calendar year and is titled: “Freshman Follidays.”

The event will display the musical and emceeing talents of OBU’s new freshman students.

“It will include most of the holidays of the year, so we’ll start at one end of the year and we’ll go through the end,” health and human performance major and co-director of “Freshman Follidays” Sanders said. “We’re really looking forward to showing campus what we’ve been working on.”

While the event will cover all kinds of holidays it also ties especially closely to the themes of the winter holidays and Christmas break.

“This is a kind of fun time of year in terms of the holidays,” Sanders said. “Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so follies will just kind of get everyone ready for the change of seasons.”

The theme for the event was chosen by the directors.

“[We] brainstorm and then we come up with two to three themes,” senior sports management major and “Freshman Follidays” co-director Kelton Mims said. “And then we make power points with details under each one to present it to the CAB members and then the CAB members vote. Ultimately, it’s the directors’ choice.”

Mims said Sanders approached him this summer about co-directing, and the two welcomed the challenge.

Before directing, the two had also been members of CAB in the past.

Mims first joined CAB during his junior year.

“I got in last year because of stage band,” Mims said. “And I got out of stage band and just became just a regular CAB member.”

Sanders took an indirect route to his current role directing a CAB show.

“I was a freshman and I had some upperclassmen friends who really wanted me to get involved in this particular organization because they thought it would be a really good way to meet other people,” Sanders said.

Both Sanders and Mims have been friends for several years.

“Being able to do it next to Kelton, I think is really cool, just because we literally met our first day here at OBU,” Sanders said. “It’s really cool for our last year to have our last go-round be something like follies.”

Having seniors direct Freshman Follies allows for a somewhat mentoring relationship between the directors and the performers.

“Whenever freshmen have somebody they can look up to or connect with that’s older than them, especially a senior, that can help them a lot,” Mims said. “Plus, we have a great group of emcees. They’re cooperative, and they’re funny. They all bounce off each other.”

CAB members and performance emcees do not need to have a formal training background to perform in freshman follies.

“That’s really the best part of CAB shows,” Sanders said. “Even if you don’t have a musical background or theatre background, then it’s fine. I’m in CAB and I didn’t have any background like that.”

CAB is open to all. Performance acts simply have to audition.

“Typically, follies is the least hyped, and so we really, really put quality time and effort to make this the best follies we’ve seen,” Mims said. “The whole point is to showcase freshmen talent, and this year we have a lot to show off.”

Students who are interested in joining CAB will have the opportunity to sign up for a screening interview soon.

“Hopefully, follies will make students excited about being part of CAB,” Sanders said. “At the very least, we want people to come and enjoy an evening of good music and entertaining skits.”

CAB show Barnum & Biggie featured strong music, numerous skits

Staff Writer, Arts Section

The year-opening OBU talent show Barnum & Biggie’s musical acts hit a definitive high note.

OBU’s College Activities Board hosted its annual “Biggie” talent show, directed by Jonny Ball and Josh Pumphrey, 8:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16.

Throughout the show, a simple but effective layout of tents upstage of the primary performance space, effectively underscored the night’s theme: “Barnum & Biggie.”

The performance featured four musical talent acts: Kalyne & James; Four Chords & A Beat; Brad & His Gorls; and Adamantine.

The evening’s Stage Band provided live transition music during set changes between acts and skits.

The skill set they presented was equal to that of any featured act, and their inclusion on stage allowed the show to continue moving forward seamlessly as equipment transitions took place on other parts of the stage.

Morgan Cherry, Marcellous Hawkins and Sydnie Randolph traded off as lead vocalists for the Stage Band, with Jerrett Richardson on drums, Graham Griffin on keys, Jordan Richardson on acoustic guitar, Karl/Wes Evans on bass and Demarcus Baysmore on electric guitar.

The emcees performed skits between musical numbers that were themed around the hit 2017 film “The Greatest Showman” starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zendaya and featured Keala Settle.

Spiraling red and white show lighting illuminated Stage Band’s opening performance of “The Greatest Show” from the “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack, which set the pace for the well-executed musical performances that followed.

Musical duo Kalyne & James’ performed a simple Bastille cover with only piano, cello and voice.

A short skit introduced the emcee’s characters to the audience.

The stage band performed a cover of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” led by vocalist Morgan Cherry who brought a beautiful sense of throaty richness to the song.

The piece’s mood brought up echoes of “The Greatest Showman” themes from the songs “Never Enough” or “This Is Me.”

Then after more from the emcees, Four Chords & A Beat took the stage and performed a cover of “Walking on Wire” by Imagine Dragons with enormous energy during the piece’s musical break.

After a brief intermission where popcorn and drinks were available, an emcee skit followed.

A video featuring the emcees displayed fictional talent auditions for the talent show.

The talent auditions included some creative ideas, like an impressive clip of a student rapidly stacking cups into and out of pyramids while reciting Ka-Rip.

Brad & His Gorls were the first musical act to perform after intermission and their acoustic style was a nice contrast from rock style performance of Four Chords & A Beat.

Then the stage band returned with a grooving rendition of “Start A Fire” from “La La Land.”

Marcellous Hawkins led vocals, and the song featured several instrumental solos including a keys solo by Graham Griffin.

The show soon returned to musical material, with the stage band performing Rihanna’s “Take A Bow,” tying clearly back to the circus and showmanship themes of “The Greatest Showman.”

Numerous video skits interspersed throughout the show helped ease the technical transition process, alongside the stage band.

The night’s final musical talent act, “Adamantine,” brought a unique show choir approach to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.”

Beginning with a stripped back, smooth version, the performance faded out and then burst to full jazzy life.

By costuming their singers in simple black fringed shirts, “Adamantine” emphasized the basic dance movements the singers performed.

The stage band closed off the night with “From Now On” from “The Greatest Showman” for the show’s curtain call.