Canterbury collects shoe donations at last worship night of the semester

Canterbury collects shoe donations at last worship night of the semester

Thursday May 4, Canterbury hosted a shoe drive for “Soles for Souls” at the last worship night of the semester. Students brought their shoes to Canterbury at the Ritz Theatre in downtown Shawnee.

“Many of the students here are abundantly blessed, and it’s time to generously give a little of what we have to people who are in need,” freshman Canterbury member Emily Wall said. “As a Canterbury team, we’re honored to host this event and provide students an avenue to give.”

Canterbury team member sophomore Wes Evans said that they wanted any and all shoes students could donate in order to help the most people.

“We [asked] that students bring any shoes that they have, old or new, good shape or not,” Evans said. “The idea is to put shoes on people who don’t have any and bringing any type of shoes will be beneficial.”

Digital Art Celebrated in Senior’s Art Exhibit

Digital art celebrated in senior’s art exhibit

Digital Art is art too, and it deserves to be presented as such.

Digi Arts, senior graphic design major Jasmine Robinson’s art exhibit is being presented this week in the Art Building. The exhibit opened Sunday, April 30 and will be up for viewing throughout the week.

“Her wall scrolls are huge and feature amazing portraits of young women with a psychedelic style,” Swindell said. “Her geisha picture definitely stands out for me though. It is so beautiful and elegant and without a doubt has Jasmine echoing through it.”

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