Bison baseball back after success in 2018

Jared A’Latorre,

The Bison baseball team is back in 2019 after a successful season ending against the University of Central Oklahoma in the regionals back in 2018.  

On a chilly Friday evening to begin the season, the Bison faced off against Missouri Western where they didn’t seem to miss a beat from 2018. In the first inning, junior Ramon Enriquez attempted to hit the ball but fouled out. This gave freshman center fielder Joey Pledger a chance to score and to give the Bison a one-run lead. Later in the first, senior first baseman PJ Harris earned an RBI on a base hit, allowing senior shortstop Brett Bloomfield to score and make it a two-run Bison lead.  

In the bottom second inning, Bloomfield grounded out but helped bring junior Eric Carlson to home and the Bison led by three.  The next inning, Missouri Southern found their first run of the game of a fly out and got on the board.  

Both teams were quiet until the seventh inning. Enriquez was able to come up big again on an RBI single. Harris contributed on an RBI double, and Carlson was able to allow senior Austin Cooper and Enriquez to score on an out. 

Missouri Western scored a couple more runs in the eighth inning. They attempted for a last gasp of hope in the ninth inning, but the Bison held on to win by a score of 7-3. Junior Jake Lipetzky got the win with one run allowed. Lipetzky pitched for five innings.  

The next day the Bison took on a doubleheader rematch with Missouri Western and took the first of the second game. 

In the bottom first inning, the Bison got on the board early with a two-run homer from senior right fielder Jake Gozzo. Later in the game, Missouri Western earned hits later on the game and took a 3-2 lead by the fourth inning. The lead started to strengthen by the gap by the fifth inning with a solo home run.  

In the bottom sixth inning, Harris hit a two-run homer to tie the game. In the top seventh inning, there was a double from Missouri Western and then a home run. They took a three-run lead. In the bottom seventh inning, the Bison went on a tear. Gozzo tripled and tied the game, 7-7. Enriquez earned an RBI double and Gozzo scored. Chase Kerr earned an RBI single. Garrett McKee scored off a two-run homer.  

In the eighth inning, Gozzo put the icing on the cake and doubled and earned and RBI bringing in two. The Bison won the game, 13-7.  

In their second game of the doubleheader, Missouri Western scored off a two-run homer. In the fifth inning, the errors by the Bison defense allowed their opponents to score and the score was 4-0. In the fifth inning, the Bison scored off walks on two occasions, but it was not enough to win the game. Missouri Southern won the second game, 4-2.  

The Bison went on a tournament in North Texas and played in a doubleheader on last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In the first of two, they faced Oklahoma Christian University. Oklahoma Christian got off to a fast start in the first inning taking a 3-0 lead. By the second inning, they took a 6-0 lead and by the third inning, it was an 8-0 lead.  

In the fourth inning, the Bison started to get going with an RBI single from Gozzo. Enriquez connected on an RBI double. In the fifth inning, the Bison scored off a groundout. The Bison tried to get back in the game after a three-run homer from Gozzo, but they fell short, 10-7.  

The Bison lost both of their doubleheader games before taking their last game in Texas by a score of 11-1 against East Central University.  

The Bison stand with a 3-4 record and will face Southeastern Oklahoma State coming this Friday and Saturday. They will defend home plate against the University of Central Oklahoma Monday, February 11.   


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