Big 12 Expanding, After Loss of Oklahoma & Texas

Jentezen Smith As of July 30th, the University of Texas and Oklahoma University both announced their intentions to join the South Eastern Conference (SEC), leaving the Big 12 Conference with large shoes to fill in the two school's absences. The two schools are under contract with the Big 12 until June 30th, 2025, according to … Continue reading Big 12 Expanding, After Loss of Oklahoma & Texas

Late Swim Coach and Former Team Member get Inducted into OBU Hall of Fame 

Late Oklahoma Baptist University educator and head coach of the swim and dive team Sam Freas and Former teammate Daniel Ramírez Carranza will be honored and inducted into OBU’s hall of fame September 17. Both will be recognized for their achievements in OBU’s Maybee suite at 7 p.m.   Among Freas’s many years of coaching, he was a ten-time winner of the Coach of the Year title, has produced a total of 19 Olympians, led OBU … Continue reading Late Swim Coach and Former Team Member get Inducted into OBU Hall of Fame 

Name Change Rebrands Women’s Hockey League  

Chase Kirby The National Women’s Hockey League officially changed its name to the Premier Hockey Federation Tue. September 8, to promote inclusivity to its athletes. This rebrand included the official name change, a new logo, new social media handles, and even the slogan, “No labels, no limits”. The goal of this rebrand is said to shift the focus from the gender of the athletes to … Continue reading Name Change Rebrands Women’s Hockey League  

Gym Talk

Lexi Large After she walks past him his head immediately turns to watch her walk away, and she hears a faint mumble under his breath. According to, in 2019 there was an estimated 64% of people who have memberships at fitness centers. Over half of the United States spends time at a gym at … Continue reading Gym Talk

Balancing Act

Maddie Kufahl Every college student is busy. Whether they are single, in a relationship, a freshman, a senior or whatever activities they are involved in, college is a crucial time where people learn time management. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the OBU student newspaper wanted to do a piece on student athletes in relationships and … Continue reading Balancing Act

Brady is back

Devin Miller Brady is back and better than ever… Tom Brady got released from his contract March 17, 2020 after being the starting Quarterback for the New England Patriots for the past 20 years. After the NFL (National Football League) season had begun September 10, 2020, Brady had officially announced his arrival of being traded … Continue reading Brady is back