Family Day Weekend this weekend, Oct. 12-13

By Loren Rhoades, Assistant News Editor

After more than a month of starting new classes, gaining friends and enjoying OBU’s many on-campus activities, it is understandable to want to share the new experiences with family.

Luckily this coming weekend will allow students to do just that.

Oct. 12 thru Oct. 13, OBU will be hosting their annual family weekend. This weekend allows students and their families to reconnect while also giving families the opportunity to see how their student is enjoying life on campus.

During those two days, there will be scheduled activities as well as time set aside for families to spend personal time together.

Some of the scheduled activities include a chili dinner, worship with Dr. Gambo, the Bison football game vs. Ouachita Baptist, a ResHall Open House and Freshman Follies.

Students whose families came in the past say this is an event in which they are happy to have partaken.

They were able to spend time with their family members while also showing them all OBU has to offer.

“It was nice to have the family back on campus after living here for a while,” sophomore English major Jonathan Wood said. “I could explain what things were and what was going on, unlike during move-in week where everything was still new.”

Although this weekend might seem primarily freshman focused, the goal is to give all students ranging from freshman to seniors the opportunity to have some quality family time they might not get regularly.

So don’t waste this opportunity; it’s not too late to call the family and have them come down to enjoy a football game or Follies.

“Do it; have your family come for the weekend,” sophomore communications major Kayleigh Reynolds said. “Even if you live five minutes away or six hours away you should cherish these moments with your parents because you won’t have them forever.”

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