Rush Week begins for social clubs on campus

By Caleb Brown, Assistant News Editor

Rush Week for the sisterhood social clubs for the 2019 Spring semester officially began February 18-21.

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The purpose Social Clubs of Oklahoma Baptist University serve are to break away from traditional fraternities and sororities without losing the Greek lifestyle they embody.

“Our Greek-culture is very Christ-focused,” sophomore psychology major and Theta member Rachael Von Dollen said. “We have a higher moral standard,” she said. “Bonds and friendships, however, are as strong as ones made at other colleges’ Greek social clubs.”

The social clubs connect students who live on or off campus and struggle making friends.

“I’m an introvert,” Von Dollen said. “When I looked at the social clubs, I thought I could make new friends through it. They made a big impression on me during Rush Week, and I really enjoy hanging out with my Theta sisters.”

The social clubs are also known for hosting events all around campus.

“I appreciate how much the clubs do collaboratively with one another,” assistant dean of students Mellissa Stroud said. “They are not completely insular or self-serving,” she said. “They are often providing great events for the student body as an act of service and this speaks to the heart of how these clubs are designed.”

The club’s distinction has allowed some of them to last for historic periods, with many new clubs hoping to continue in their footsteps.

“Throughout the past 30+ years, social clubs have played an important role in many of the traditions at OBU,” Stroud said. “They continue to be instrumental in the success of Student Life at OBU. Social Clubs exist to fulfill in part the mission statement of Oklahoma Baptist University.”

The Rushing Social Clubs are Pi Sigma Phi, Kappa Phi Beta and Theta Sigma Chi. Many of the events they host can be seen on the OBU website.

“I hope to continue working with our current student leadership to discover ways to enhance and grow clubs, both in numbers and in depth,” Stroud said. “Our faculty and sponsors play a huge role in the direction and strength of the clubs, and so if change is going to happen in a positive way, then it will be the collaboration of all parties involved.”

Family Day Weekend this weekend, Oct. 12-13

By Loren Rhoades, Assistant News Editor

After more than a month of starting new classes, gaining friends and enjoying OBU’s many on-campus activities, it is understandable to want to share the new experiences with family.

Luckily this coming weekend will allow students to do just that.

Oct. 12 thru Oct. 13, OBU will be hosting their annual family weekend. This weekend allows students and their families to reconnect while also giving families the opportunity to see how their student is enjoying life on campus.

During those two days, there will be scheduled activities as well as time set aside for families to spend personal time together.

Some of the scheduled activities include a chili dinner, worship with Dr. Gambo, the Bison football game vs. Ouachita Baptist, a ResHall Open House and Freshman Follies.

Students whose families came in the past say this is an event in which they are happy to have partaken.

They were able to spend time with their family members while also showing them all OBU has to offer.

“It was nice to have the family back on campus after living here for a while,” sophomore English major Jonathan Wood said. “I could explain what things were and what was going on, unlike during move-in week where everything was still new.”

Although this weekend might seem primarily freshman focused, the goal is to give all students ranging from freshman to seniors the opportunity to have some quality family time they might not get regularly.

So don’t waste this opportunity; it’s not too late to call the family and have them come down to enjoy a football game or Follies.

“Do it; have your family come for the weekend,” sophomore communications major Kayleigh Reynolds said. “Even if you live five minutes away or six hours away you should cherish these moments with your parents because you won’t have them forever.”

OBU’s Recent Renovations

By Chelsea Weeks, News Editor

While students were away for the summer, several buildings on Bison Hill received a facelift.

From the end of May to the beginning of September, Lingo Construction moved the mailroom to the south side of the GC, built the Dick and Sue Rader Office of Student Life and the Women of Vision Center for Spiritual Life.

“The family of Dick and Sue Rader made a significant donation to make this renovation happen and bring all of Student and Spiritual Life together to the heart of the campus to improve access for students and increase interaction with students,” marketing communications director, Kenny Day said.

The funds for this project were also made possible by a gift from the Women of Vision.

“This project was voted on by the Women of Vision giving circle during their annual meeting in fall 2017,” Day said. “They selected this as their annual project and donated more than $75,000 to make it possible.”

One of the challenges of the project was the limited timeline that Lingo Construction had to complete everything, however, they were able to finish everything on time.

Relocating the mailroom was a logistical move to create space for the new Student Development and Spiritual Life Center.

Day said this move should increase the attendance for events like Noonday and allow students with easier access to the staff of Student Development and Spiritual Life.

“Spiritual Life was moved to the GC from Montgomery Hall to make its services more available to students and to position Spiritual Life in the heart of campus,” Day said. “Student Development moved downstairs so that, like Spiritual Life, it could be located on the first floor of the GC where students come and go daily.”

Also this summer, Agee underwent a variety of changes including new vinyl plank flooring throughout the building, new paint on all walls, cleaned and services air conditioners, and a new location for the check-in desk which opened up the second floor lobby.

“Agee has been and always will be a chill atmosphere for guys to hangout and have a good time,” junior Ministry major, Jordan Sheehy said. “Now Agee doesn’t have that gross old vibe from people that don’t live there. I think it will bring more people in and bring more life to the building.”
Matt Hampton, a junior management major, lived in Agee last year before the renovations were completed and he said the building is nicer looking.

“The study rooms and basement look much nicer,” Hampton said. “Also the carpet that was there before had a lot of junk and was probably pretty unsanitary.”

Student offers advice for dealing with school, work and life

By Loren Rhoades, Assistant Features Editor

College students across the nation are spending their days as full-time students while also being full-time employees. This isn’t an easy task, of course, especially when still trying to maintain a social life among friends and family.

This is a struggle I personally relate to, because I myself am a full-time student who has both a job on and off campus. I spend my days going to class, working in a flower shop, writing stories for the school paper, doing homework and repeat. Managing those things, let alone having a life outside of them, sometimes seems almost impossible.

Although it’s sometimes overwhelming, I would advise working during school over not working. Having a job while also managing life as a college student forces you to learn time management. It also gives you your own source of income for different necessities, so you don’t end up having to ask mom or dad for the money.

A pro and con of working during school is that you must miss things occasionally, whether it be school event or a night out with friends. This obviously is a con, because it isn’t always the greatest to miss out. But it is also a pro, because it helps you to learn how to handle not being a part of everything all the time.

I personally love these aspects of it, as well as the fact that it gives me a sense of independence. Having to balance work, school, and life has taught me how to better take care of myself. I am forced to budget my own money and time.

Time management is the hardest aspect, mainly for the fact that it always seems like there is something more to be done. But, keeping up with every task is do-able it just takes a little effort. This effort includes setting a schedule for yourself and prioritizing your time. When doing both things, it is a lot easier to stay on task.

While keeping yourself scheduled there is also the task of staying patient. When life seems hectic, it is so easy to get frustrated with your situation as well as with the people around you. Just allow yourself to take a breather every once in a while, and then get refocused on what needs to be done.

If you are still trying to cope with the immense number of tasks in front of you, just remember that you are not alone in this. There are students all around you dealing with the same stress and struggles as you are. So, use that; use the stress you are holding as a way to bond with someone else. The easiest way to make a friend is to find something you have in common, and if yours is your crazy schedule, well that’s okay.

Sleep is also a huge issue when trying to stay on top of a school and work schedule. If you aren’t getting enough sleep every night, you are bound to be in a world of hurt. Sleep is necessary for us to stay physically and mentally healthy. So that means if you are wanting to stay awake when trying to do homework or don’t want to get extremely frustrated while at your workplace due to your level of tiredness, should probably go to bed at a decent hour.

But in the midst of keeping up with classes and your work schedule, don’t forget to let yourself have a little fun every once in a while. Let yourself take a much-needed break to relax with friends or to go see a movie. Don’t get so caught up in your business that you deprive yourself of having a good time