I actually like TWIRP Week 

Morgan Jackson


I love this time of year. The leaves are falling, it’s starting to get cooler and Dr. Watson is letting us have Major Authors outside in the pergola. It seems like your average week at OBU, and yet, the frenzy of TWIRP Week is in full swing. 

Let me be the first to say that, on paper, it is odd that I enjoy TWIRP Week. I am cynical, too focused on school and generally do not have time to spend money on men (or women, either). But, I really do love it. I should also acknowledge that my relationship is in fact, a TWIRP Week success story. One trip to Brushes and Brews can change your entire life.  

But mostly, I want to encourage the women on campus to do what they feel comfortable with, when it comes to this week. If the scale of TWIRP Week isn’t your style, don’t let your friends or anyone else pressure you into hanging out with people that you don’t want to spend time with. This week should be fun. It’s a chance to meet new people, or hang out with your existing friends/romantic interest.  

Do I think that this week is full of fun events? Yes. 

Do I think that some of the events are questionable? Yes. 

Do with this week what you will, and be true to who you are. If you find the love of your life, I am so happy for you! If you just end up eating at Qdoba with some friends, I am also so happy for you!  

If anyone would like to buy me Qdoba, feel free to reach out. 

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