OBU Student Government Association elections

Zoe Charles

News Editor

This past Wednesday, Sept. 9, elections were held for Oklahoma Baptist University’s Student Government Association, often known as SGA. 

The elections welcomed six electors for senator at large, two international senators, five freshman class senators and a freshman class president and vice-president. 

The senator at large position is targeted at candidates looking to represent the entire OBU population, rather than a specific class. 

According to an email sent out by OBU SGA, “the roles, responsibilities, and privileges of Senators-at-Large are identical to that of the Class Senators,” meaning that their duties are not vastly different overall. 

 In regards to the international senator position, OBU’s SGA email went on to say that “[t] hey shall serve as full and equal members of the Senate. [. . .] [t]he roles, responsibilities, and privileges of international senators are identical to that of the Class Senators. 

Students eligible for international senator seat must either hold an F-1 visa or be a child of an international missionary.”

Freshman class senators and freshman class president and vise-president are elected to represent the freshman class respectively. 

In terms of the overall SGA organization, it is branded in its constitution as an organization “existing to serve those on Bison Hill.” 

This comes with a responsibility to promote change and growth throughout the Bison community. 

Even if OBU students are not involved in SGA, it is still very important for students to be aware of their candidate options in order to vote accordingly. 

When asked about why SGA is important for all students and not just those who are members, SGA student body president, Gavin Yoesting said “[t]he Student Government Association allocates a portion of each individual’s tuition, called a student life fee, that funds events, initiatives, and services for students. 

“Through SGA elections, students are voting for leaders who will determine where their money goes and a number of issues that affect campus life.”

 Yoesting wants to remind students “[t]o make effective, tangible change on Bison Hill, I encourage you to vote for the representative that reflects your vision for our campus!” 

When asked about what changes and opportunities are to come through SGA in the Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 school year Yoesting said, “Our Administration is excited to have an SGA that is open and transparent, foster community and compassion, and seek progression over perfection,” he said. 

“We plan to expand SGA’s influence and create physical, visible changes on Bison Hill. Hopefully in the fall, you will see White Fox Scooters coming to campus for an eco-friendly, sustainable form of enjoyment and events that will pique your interest!” 

 Elections results will be revealed soon. 

To learn more about OBU SGA go to https:// http://www.okbu.edu/student-life/organizations/sga.html or follow their Instagram @obu_sga 

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