Engage Week brings students together

By Ashton Smith, Assistant Features Editor

Part of OBU’s mission as a university is to engage in a diverse world. In turn, students are encouraged to go out and “engage,” and it all starts right here on Bison Hill.

This past week was Engage Week on campus, which is a week where students are able to connect with different clubs and student-led organizations.

The ultimate goal is for students to become more connected to campus as well as the Shawnee community.

Melissa Stroud, the assistant dean of students in the community and leadership engagement, is one of the driving forces behind this week.

“The idea is that incoming students are introduced to multiple opportunities to be involved on campus and in the community during Welcome Week and in particular at Un Cuerpo,” Stroud said. “However, we encourage them to keep their mind open and seek more information about those things that they are interested in.”

Un Cuerpo is meant to let incoming students see what’s available on campus, so that as they become immersed in OBU, they have a better idea what they might be interested in.

Engage Week is the follow up to that.

“During the following three weeks the hope is for the students to meet more people, talk about these opportunities and begin to feel drawn towards committing to just one or two,” Stroud said. “By having intentional conversations with the clubs at their tables, students are able to have conversations with the leaders about why they are interested in the club and what they can do to become involved in it,” she said.

“The true purpose of joining a club or organization is to help students determine where they can connect with others better.

“A large percentage of our student body is very active and involved and others have a more challenging time finding their place,” Stroud said. “It is my desire for students to look for ways in their lives to serve others, whether that is in the church, a local ministry, through their field of study, Res Life or on an athletic team — there are so many ways to impact our sphere of influence for good.”

But, if students don’t see an area where they can fit in or want to see an area of improvement or change in the clubs and organizations, they should continue to strike up conversations with students and faculty around campus.

“Clubs on campus are a built-in avenue for serving,” Stroud said. “If a student is unable to see how their passions, interests and gifting fits, then I’d love to sit and talk it through one-on-one with them.”

By continuing to grow and extend OBU’s reach in the diversity of their organizations, students will be better equipped to reach students who have similar passions.

For more information, visit OBU’s website, okbu.edu. Under the Student Organizations, Club Sports or Intramural Sports tab, students can view all of the possible options for potential clubs.

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