OBU’s Recent Renovations

By Chelsea Weeks, News Editor

While students were away for the summer, several buildings on Bison Hill received a facelift.

From the end of May to the beginning of September, Lingo Construction moved the mailroom to the south side of the GC, built the Dick and Sue Rader Office of Student Life and the Women of Vision Center for Spiritual Life.

“The family of Dick and Sue Rader made a significant donation to make this renovation happen and bring all of Student and Spiritual Life together to the heart of the campus to improve access for students and increase interaction with students,” marketing communications director, Kenny Day said.

The funds for this project were also made possible by a gift from the Women of Vision.

“This project was voted on by the Women of Vision giving circle during their annual meeting in fall 2017,” Day said. “They selected this as their annual project and donated more than $75,000 to make it possible.”

One of the challenges of the project was the limited timeline that Lingo Construction had to complete everything, however, they were able to finish everything on time.

Relocating the mailroom was a logistical move to create space for the new Student Development and Spiritual Life Center.

Day said this move should increase the attendance for events like Noonday and allow students with easier access to the staff of Student Development and Spiritual Life.

“Spiritual Life was moved to the GC from Montgomery Hall to make its services more available to students and to position Spiritual Life in the heart of campus,” Day said. “Student Development moved downstairs so that, like Spiritual Life, it could be located on the first floor of the GC where students come and go daily.”

Also this summer, Agee underwent a variety of changes including new vinyl plank flooring throughout the building, new paint on all walls, cleaned and services air conditioners, and a new location for the check-in desk which opened up the second floor lobby.

“Agee has been and always will be a chill atmosphere for guys to hangout and have a good time,” junior Ministry major, Jordan Sheehy said. “Now Agee doesn’t have that gross old vibe from people that don’t live there. I think it will bring more people in and bring more life to the building.”
Matt Hampton, a junior management major, lived in Agee last year before the renovations were completed and he said the building is nicer looking.

“The study rooms and basement look much nicer,” Hampton said. “Also the carpet that was there before had a lot of junk and was probably pretty unsanitary.”

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