The Candidates: Myers and Floyd want students to leave a legacy

By Jacob Factor, Features Editor   (Courtesy photo/Clayton Myers)

“Clay and I view OBU very similarly; we love OBU to death, but we constantly see other students not have that same love for OBU that we do, and we want to change that.”

Clayton Myers is a sophomore family and community service and political science major. Both he and his vice president running mate, sophomore Nathan Floyd, said one of the most important parts of their platform is leaving a legacy.

“We are not talking about Nathan and I leaving a legacy for ourselves, but each person getting to leave their own legacy here at this school.”

Myers said this will happen with events that involve the whole OBU student community, not just a few.

Myers wants to help form new organizations that make minority groups feel like they belong, as well as make student athletes a part of the non-athletic OBU community.

“Every single student, whether they’re an athlete, an international student, a part of an underrepresented minority, matters,” Floyd said.

Myers also said he wants to bring about ways for students to directly talk to administration.

“We want to set up a forum that is a face-to-face meeting of students and [administration] so that we as students can ask the tough questions directly and avoid getting a tip-toe answer.”

Another part of their platform is reviving the Harvest Court’s importance and prestige. Floyd said it would bring excitement for students and alumni during homecoming.

While most of their ideas are for the student community, Myers said he and Floyd have thought of ways that SGA itself can improve.

Their plan for that is to have student organizations represented in SGA by a senator who acts as a voice for that organization.

“This is not just a, “talk to this senator when you need money,” but a real relationship and friendship that will allow for students to voice their opinions easier,” Myers said.

“We don’t want SGA to just be there when people need us, we want SGA to be there as a friend.”

Myers and Floyd are the only sophomores on the ballot for student body president and vice president, and Myers said this can help them accomplish their goals.

“This change is the change of culture at OBU that we realize will take more than just one term, and more than just two terms, but a continuation of active participants changing the culture for the better,” he said.

“We have the most time here on this campus to do that.”

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