Op-Ed: Is Jordan really the greatest of all time?

By Jared A’Latorre, Columnist

Michael Jordan, an NBA legend is known to be the greatest basketball player to ever play. At least that’s what it says on the NBA website, and most people seem to agree with that.

Nothing should be taken away from his remarkable career, but there are still a few considerations other than Jordan to be the greatest.

Now, it’s not entirely fair to take away from his achievements. In fact, he averaged over 30 points in his entire 14-year career.

That’s something that no other player can say. He was always a great scorer, even when he was 40-years old.

However, many other players that can be in the category for the greatest ever played more than 14 years.

This means that they were consistent, and that they stuck with basketball.

Jordan took a break to play baseball during his first retirement, and then worked in the front office for the Washington Wizards during his second retirement. This needs to be brought up because Jordan was not a consistent person. He took breaks and came back to the league not once, but twice.

Despite this, Jordan won six NBA championships in his career.

That’s impressive, and it’s something not many people can say.

Although, other players such as Magic Johnson changed the game with his amazing passing, and he could play every position on the court.

Bill Russell, who played with the Boston Celtics during the 50’s and 60’s, won 11 NBA championships in 13 years. Russell was also an amazing defender.

Tim Duncan from the San Antonio Spurs, and Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers won five NBA championships and were considered the best at their position for their careers and played much longer than Jordan.

There’s no taking away from Jordan’s greatness, he is one of the best. The thing that is in doubt is that he was the best. It seems like there are other players that can be considered other than him.

Most of his popularity came from basketball, but the reason he really became famous was because of his shoes, and “Space Jam.”

Other players that appear in music, movies, and own a shoe brand shouldn’t make a difference on their basketball careers.

It could gain fame, but it shouldn’t make a difference for their popularity on the court.

Otherwise, people could say that rookie Lonzo Ball could end up being the greatest.

That’s not true. Writers should really consider thinking about who the greatest ever basketball player is, again.

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