The best facemasks for better skin

By Mikaleh Offerman, Copy Editor

 Most people love a good facial, but there’s so many products to choose from. I tested out three of the products from Freeman’s brand of facemasks– an an easy, cheaper alternative to facials and other high end facemasks.

At roughly five dollars for a relatively large bottle, it’s cheap and easy to add to a busy schedule. With popularity in peel off masks rising, Freeman’s provides a gentler alternative with safe results.

Created in 1976, Freeman now has over 75 beauty products from facemasks to shampoo. Of these products, they offer three peel off masks. Although these masks are not super high end, considering the price, and the fact that they do not test their products on animals, they’re worth it. These products are sold at Walmart, Ulta, Target and other beauty stores.

The masks do not necessarily yield immediate results; instead, they are meant to be used a couple of times a week. It takes several uses to see prolonged results and clearing up of acne and dry skin.

Here are the results from the product tests:

The Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask

pomegranate1This mask is especially good for those with sensitive or dry skin. Two of the most important ingredients are aloe vera and shea butter, which contribute to the soothing and healing quality of the mask. When it first goes on, it tingles lightly, but not painfully. As it dries, it pulls the skin a bit, but again, it’s not painful.

As far as the scent goes, as the name implies, it’s very pomegranate-y and fruity. It has a clear, gel-like consistency, and it rubs on easy and smooth, although it seems sticky at first. The directions say to leave it on for five to ten minutes before peeling, but 20 to 30 minutes is more accurate, especially with a thick coat of it.

When it’s time for it to peel off, it comes off easily and in one piece. It gently takes off loose dead skin and calms acne and red spots. It leaves the face smooth, although not as smooth as the Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask.

A few tips: washing your hands and face before and after help the effectiveness of the mask. Keep it out of your eyebrows and away from the sensitive skin below your eyes, otherwise it will hurt when pulling this mask off.

This is the type of mask I would like to use after a bad sunburn. It’s sensitive enough that it wouldn’t aggravate the burn, but it would pull off the peeling skin and moisturize it.

Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel-Away Mask

As far as blackheads go (ew gross) this Freeman’s peel-off product is not harsh enough for the job. This is not recommended for those with sensitive or dry skin. The product is advertised for those with oily to combination skin, and it seems to be accurate.sweet-tea-mask

As the title states, this is a clay mask. It smells more “clean” than the fruit-like Pomegranate Mask, and it tingles and pulls more. It’s also much less sticky – more like mud than gel.

Going on, it looks like a case of middle-schooler level, poorly matched foundation. A couple key ingredients are Bentonite clay and Tea Tree Oil, which are good for soaking up oils and impurities.

Like the Pomegranate Mask, the directions say to leave it on for five to ten minutes, but 20-30 minutes is more accurate. Coming off, it doesn’t peel as smoothly as the Pomegranate Mask, and it makes a ripping sound that is oddly satisfying as it is removed.

It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it is a bit uncomfortable as it’s pulled off. It catches the peach fuzz on the sides of the face and will rip out your eyebrows if you’re not careful about where you put it.

I recommend moisturizing after this mask because it does dry out your face. In addition to drying up access oil, it also firms and smooths. It takes off more dead skin and other impurities than the Pomegranate Mask, and is more satisfying to pull off because it makes a ripping noise.

The Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask

cucumberOut of all of Freeman’s peel-off masks, The Cucumber Facial is the most effective when it comes to removing blackheads. Like the Pomegranate Mask, it has a clear-gel like consistency, and is very fresh smelling. It best used immediately after showering, or thoroughly washing the face.

Going on it isn’t tingly or odd feeling, but as it dries, it does become itchy. Drying time is advertised at five to ten minutes, but again, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

It makes a peeling noise as it comes off and only hurts if it has been placed on the sensitive area below the eyes or too close to the hairline. If it’s pulled carefully, it will come off in one piece.

The most important ingredient in this mask is cucumber extract, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These work almost immediately in vanishing red spots. Out of all the Freeman peel-off masks, it also contains the fewest and most natural combination of ingredients.

After this mask is used, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I did not like the care that it took to peel-off, but considering the results, it’s worth it.

Freeman’s products are perfect for those who are unable to afford higher end products. They’re good for the average man or woman looking to add a put of exfoliation and cleansing to their weekly facial routine. The downside to these products is that they are not very effective for removing blackheads.

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