Uncanny Comic Expo

By Assistant News Editor, Caleb Brown

The first ever Shawnee comic book convention is officially coming to town.

The Uncanny Comic Book Expo will be located at the Fire Lake Arena. The convention will be held March 9th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. The event is being put together by Oklahoma Baptist’s own associate professor of Music Theory Dr. Peter Purin.

“I have been selling comics at conventions for a few years…,” said Purin. “I love the atmosphere of a good convention with all the great nerdy stuff to buy, panels and shows, and awesome costumes and fantastic art to see. I thought that it would be really fun to bring one to our community.”

Vendors for the convention will be Oklahoma-based business showing off some of their merchandise and giving away some limited edition prizes.

“We have awesome vendors.” said Dr. Purin. “Lots of comics, toys, and other collectibles, artists who offer prints, book art and more! There are so many great Oklahoma-grown vendors who offer fun and unique products.”

There will be official game tournaments held at the Expo, which will include an entrance fee of $15 in advance and $17 at the door. The fee will also pay for admission into the convention.

“There will be sanctioned gaming tournaments,” said Dr. Purin. “A Super Smash Bros. ultimate tournament, a Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament, and a Magic the Gathering Tournament starting when the first 8 people sign up.”

The sign up for the Super Smash Bros. tournament ends at 11:00a.m., with the actual tournament starting at 12:00p.m. The Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament will start at 2:00p.m. after sign-ups end at 1:00 p.m.

“For video games, bring your own Switch controller,” said Dr. Purin. “There are cash prizes for the top 4 places.”

Cosplaying plays a major part of any comic convention. Dr. Purin who has been a cosplayer for the Star Wars 501st Legion since 2005, will be joined by other cosplayers such as Courtney Mills and Marley Adams.

“I currently have a pretty epic Darth Vader costume,” said Dr. Purin. “I love making kids of all ages smile and feel that sense of wonder when they see a character they love from a favorite movie.”

A Cosplaying contest for kids and adults will be available at the Expo, which will be sponsored by Chick-fil-a.

“We have one costume party for adults and one for kids,” said Purin. “Chick-fil-a is providing some adorable prizes for this!”

The convention is aiming to be family-friendly, with an emphasis on being inviting and easy for newer con-goers to not feel overwhelmed.

“I think all of us have some nerd inside us,” said Dr. Purin. “I hope those who have never experienced a comic convention will give it a try and see how much fun it is to let your inner nerd out with others. I hope those who have been to conventions will find this to be an excellent show with fin things to do and an excellent selection of collectibles to purchase.”

Business forum serves students

By Caleb Brown, Assistant News Editor

Oklahoma Baptist University is hosting a business forum for alumni Friday, March 8 and
Monday, April 8.

Nate Geist, Brad Johnson and Doug Ledbetter will be guest-speaking for the March 8 forum, and Peter Wilson will be the sole speaker for April 8th.

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Both business forums will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Tulsa Royalties Auditorium in the Bailey Business Center.

“The Business Forums are a common occurrence,” said Dr. Craig Walker, Wheeler Professor of Economics. “They provide a lot of information for business majors. You can find information about them on the University Calendar, the televisions in the Geiger Center, or by reading the Bison.”

The forums are sponsored by the Paul Dickinson College of Business.

“Usually, we hold one in the fall and one in the spring,” said Dr. David Houghton, Dean of the College of Business. “This year will be a little bit different.”

This will be the first time two business forums will be held in the Spring semester, which is a change from the traditional one forum per semester.

Brad Johnson is the CFO at the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, the company handling OBU’s endowment for scholarships.

Doug Ledbetter received Wichita Business Journal’s 2017 40 Under 40 award for his work at Ernst and Young office in Wichita.

Nate Geist worked as a CPA for Edward Jones for 10+ years.

Peter Wilson has been with PTLA for seven years, in positions from Vice President to Chief Operating Officer.

In that time, he helped double annual transaction volume and led the acquisition of a management company, more than doubling the number of units under PTLA management.

“It’s great to see our alumni come back and contribute,” said Dr. Houghton. “They are taking their time to come in and pour into these students.”

The Business Forums provide a way for business majors to receive extra credit in some of their classes while learning about real world experiences.

The alumni who speak at the event in the past usually boast over 10+ years of experience in their given fields of business.

“Even though they are listening to a formal presentation,” said Dr. Houghton. “There is an opportunity to hang around. I really do think these alumni do care about the connections with students.”

The forums often correspond with what is being taught in some of the business courses that year and are meant to help students learn more about areas they might not have understood in class.

“It’s one thing to hear something from a professor, and another to hear it from an alumnus,” said Dr. Houghton. “It can be both affirming and confirming for a student when they are learning about accounting or learning about marketing to hear it from someone who has gone out and done it.

Rush Week begins for social clubs on campus

By Caleb Brown, Assistant News Editor

Rush Week for the sisterhood social clubs for the 2019 Spring semester officially began February 18-21.

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The purpose Social Clubs of Oklahoma Baptist University serve are to break away from traditional fraternities and sororities without losing the Greek lifestyle they embody.

“Our Greek-culture is very Christ-focused,” sophomore psychology major and Theta member Rachael Von Dollen said. “We have a higher moral standard,” she said. “Bonds and friendships, however, are as strong as ones made at other colleges’ Greek social clubs.”

The social clubs connect students who live on or off campus and struggle making friends.

“I’m an introvert,” Von Dollen said. “When I looked at the social clubs, I thought I could make new friends through it. They made a big impression on me during Rush Week, and I really enjoy hanging out with my Theta sisters.”

The social clubs are also known for hosting events all around campus.

“I appreciate how much the clubs do collaboratively with one another,” assistant dean of students Mellissa Stroud said. “They are not completely insular or self-serving,” she said. “They are often providing great events for the student body as an act of service and this speaks to the heart of how these clubs are designed.”

The club’s distinction has allowed some of them to last for historic periods, with many new clubs hoping to continue in their footsteps.

“Throughout the past 30+ years, social clubs have played an important role in many of the traditions at OBU,” Stroud said. “They continue to be instrumental in the success of Student Life at OBU. Social Clubs exist to fulfill in part the mission statement of Oklahoma Baptist University.”

The Rushing Social Clubs are Pi Sigma Phi, Kappa Phi Beta and Theta Sigma Chi. Many of the events they host can be seen on the OBU website.

“I hope to continue working with our current student leadership to discover ways to enhance and grow clubs, both in numbers and in depth,” Stroud said. “Our faculty and sponsors play a huge role in the direction and strength of the clubs, and so if change is going to happen in a positive way, then it will be the collaboration of all parties involved.”