Celebrating National Poetry Month

Madison Stone April is National Poetry Month, which has quickly become the largest literary celebration in the world. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the observance, which was launched in 1996 by the Academy of National Poets and ever since then April has been set aside for those teachers, students, writers and poetry lovers … Continue reading Celebrating National Poetry Month

YA Lit at OBU

Morgan Jackson Young Adult Literature is a course offered in the English department at the 3000 level. It is required curriculum for English education majors. The course, taught by Dr. Lindsey Panxhi, highlights the development of a distinct YA genre and the impact it can have on readers of all ages, especially those in a … Continue reading YA Lit at OBU

Improv recap

Morgan Jackson Monday, April 12, The Festival of Fools Troupe performed a show in partnership with Blitz Week, with all proceeds going toward this year’s cause: Legacy Parenting Center. The show was held in Potter auditorium at Raley Chapel and was, like the rest of Blitz Week this year, 80s themed. The troupe held auditions … Continue reading Improv recap

Opinion and encouragement: why read the classics in CIV?

Madison Stone It’s sophomore year. You’ve gotten your bearings in the college world. You’re fresh out of Comp. 2 and wondering if there is anything that you don’t know. As far as you’re concerned, the only thing standing between you and greatness is the Western Civilization (CIV) class everyone always talks about like they’re telling … Continue reading Opinion and encouragement: why read the classics in CIV?

Laine Cooley

Caitlin Corely One of the main things that people think of when they talk about art is visual arts like painting and drawings on canvases. Lainey Cooley, a junior art major who specializes in the visual arts, talked about why she loves art and what she plans to do with it in her life. Cooley … Continue reading Laine Cooley

The effect of abstract art on history versus the effects of more traditional styles

Sylvia Lambert Abstract art is heavily considered the most controversial form of art. Consisting of general shapes, forms, colors and textures, its purpose is not to achieve a reflection of reality. Instead, many abstract artists strive to explore beyond reality and produce something less tangible and more explorative. Many famous abstract art pieces do not … Continue reading The effect of abstract art on history versus the effects of more traditional styles

Alyssa Case

Caitlin Corley There are many different ways to express oneself through art and there are many different ways to create masterpieces of art. Music is one way of doing this, physical art can be another and visual art through technology is also something that can be used to express something we want to say without … Continue reading Alyssa Case

Black classical musicians, singers and composers

Sylvia Lambert Assistant Arts Editor As we look back on Black history month, it is important to acknowledge the contribution that African Americans have made to music: specifically classical and instrumental music. This includes choral music, band and orchestra composers as well as instrumental and vocal soloists. Globally, the rap genre has been heavily influenced … Continue reading Black classical musicians, singers and composers