OBU Interns Aid Local Mentor Program with Their Biggest Fundraiser Event of the Year

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma-Shawnee via Holly easttom

OBU seniors Taryn Weber and Tyler Stuever had the opportunity to help Director Nikki Rieves with the busiest time of her year. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma-Shawnee throws a “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” event every year. The event took place Friday, April 29th.

The goal for the 2022 event was to raise $40,000 for the organization at the Shawnee location and to help raise awareness of the mentorship opportunities in the community, which the interns aided in. The event concluded with a total of $57,179 raised for the organization.

Throughout the semester, Tyler and Taryn reached the community through the organization, jumpstarting a relationship between Big Brothers Big Sisters and the OBU Student Life organization.

“The help that Taryn & Tyler provided both leading up to the event with recruitment, marketing and setup; as well as the help the night of the event was such a blessing,” said Nikki Rieves. “The impact they helped to make this year has helped us achieve goals we never thought were previously possible.”

“This organization was something I was excited to get behind,” Weber said. “Seeing how much Nikki cares and the pure intentions in the non-profit mentoring was incredible.”

“I really enjoyed helping out and being a part of this event,” Stuever said. This internship was more than doing many tangible things. The assistance these interns were able to give to the organization was about donating time and helping organize what Nikki needed.

Big Brothers Big Sisters ended their fundraiser campaign with $57,179 as of May 3rd. This surpassed their initial goal and that of the 2021 event results.

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