There’s no place like home: OBU Students from Shawnee share why they chose OBU. 

Tiffany Buschman 

Features Editor 

For most high school seniors when it comes to choosing a college, one of the deciding factors is how far away is it from home. But, for some students on Oklahoma Baptist University’s campus, that could not be further from the truth. Senior studio art major Evie Griffin, shares how, for her, OBU was always her number one choice in going to college. 

“Because of my experiences growing up with OBU college students in my home and running around on campus as a kid, OBU has always been my dream school and in a sense, I have now fulfilled my life’s dream,” Griffin said.  

Griffin shares how OBU was a huge part of her childhood, which heavily influenced her decision to attend the school when it came time to choose where to go to college.  

“I choose to come to OBU because, growing up, my parents often had OBU college students over to our house. They would host them and feed them or disciple them. And I just thought OBU students were the ‘bee’s knees,’ and I always wanted to be one of them and go to OBU. They were always so fun to have at our house and watching them interact with one another, it was like they were all just one big family,” Griffin said. 

For other students who grew up in Shawnee, it was not always such an easy decision on whether or not to attend OBU. Senior elementary education major Emily Tiger shares how she originally planned on attending another university, but then she felt God’s call to stay in her hometown and attend OBU.  

“I originally was enrolled at Oklahoma State University, but I decided to take a tour of OBU. I fell in love with OBU during my tour, and decided during a chapel service that I wanted to attend school here,” Tiger said.  

Tiger continues to share how by growing up in Shawnee and attending OBU, she is able to share unique experiences with her friends who aren’t from Shawnee because she grew up exploring the town.  

“Growing up here, I know all of the fun spots in Shawnee. It’s always so fun to get to share these spots that were special to me growing up with my friends who aren’t from here,” Tiger said.  

Evie Griffin shares similar sentiments to Tiger in that there are actually many benefits to growing up in Shawnee including being able to minister to her friends as well as the community.  

“There are numerous benefits of going to OBU while having grown up in Shawnee. I have a deep love for not just OBU, but the town of Shawnee. I love that I can take friends and other OBU students to my family’s house for a nice home cooked meal or to be able to get away from the stresses of school and relax in the comfort of a home.  I also have the opportunity to help direct students to local businesses and churches that want college students to be involved or have a hired hand because no matter the business or church, I’ve probably been there. Most of all, I love being able to change people’s beliefs about Shawnee. Sure, Shawnee has its downsides, but there is a lot of good in Shawnee and when people only think of it as a sketchy or scary place outside of campus, that makes me sad. Not only do I love OBU, but I love Shawnee, and as far as the decision to come to OBU goes, I believe the phrase to sum it up best is, ‘home is where the heart is,’” Griffin said. 

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