Student Organizations provide outlets for OBU students 

Nathan Goforth  

There are many different clubs and organizations on Bison Hill that provide students with opportunities to learn, grow and find a place to be in community. Two of these groups are The Round Table and The Bison Glee Club. 

The Round Table 

“It’s an informal time for interested students to workshop their writings, get criticism, hear feedback, appreciate the joy of writing, etc.” said student Andrew Hill. 

Originally created in the fall of 2016, the then-named “Inklings’ group was the early iteration that would eventually be remade into the Round Table today, the “Inklings” were a group dedicated to fantasy literature written by Tolkien, Lewis, Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, and many others. However, due to scheduling strains, and the natural business of school life, the group was discontinued in the fall of 2019. 

However, the previous year, there was an effort made to draft the spiritual successor “Inklings”. Dr. Lindsey Panxhi rewrote the “Inklings” into the “Round Table” creative writing group on campus today. Created by Dr. Panxhi and supported heavily by Dr. Jessica Rohr, the Round Table is a group dedicated to the art of creative writing, storytelling, poem crafting, playwriting, and the glories of revision and review in an academic yet friendly environment. Now, the Round Table is headed by Dr. Rohr, after Dr. Panxhi’s departure from OBU last semester. Despite being under a new leader, the group is still reviewing students’ writing every other Thursday. Benjamin Badgett, a sophomore who is part of the Bison Glee Club, the newly formed Fencing Club, and the Round Table, said that “I thought it was quite fun. Very good and helpful criticism for new and old aspiring writers!” 

The Bison Glee Club 

Historically created by just three men with a passion for singing, the Bison Glee Club has been praising the Lord since 1938. The club was founded as a singing group for those who enjoy it as a hobby and has turned into one of the most well-known clubs on campus. Initially, the club grew from those three members to boasting a whole team. The club surged in popularity especially in the 1950s, as soldiers returned home and took up new hobbies. The Bison Glee Club on campus today may not have the same members, but they have the same tradition. 

The group recently witnessed the departure of Dr. Christopher Mathews, the professor leading the group. In his stead, Dr. Stephen Sims took on the group and now leads the Men’s Choir. Even so, the Bison Glee Club will continue to train their vocal abilities, and perform. 

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