OBU places in multiple categories at Red River Swing tournament


Courtesy Image/ OBU

The Bison Staff

The weekend of Nov. 1-3 resulted in many wins for OBU’s debate team.

The Red River Swing was sponsored by Louisiana Tech University and Louisiana State University Shreveport.

The competition featured over 200 competitors from 12 different University and colleges.

The debate team brought home their first tournament championship of the year in the novice division.

Violet Webber put in a perfect performance in preliminary rounds at 6-0, and first speaker, and perfect in elimination rounds winning the division.

The team also competed in individual events with competitors in impromptu speaking and informative speaking.

Freshman Gracie Pipes placed 3rd and 6th in the competitions of informative speaking.

In Novice individual debate, the team advanced five of their six competitors to elimination rounds.

Ashlyn Philpot made double octo finals.

Koal Mains made octo finals.

Gracie Pipes qualified for quarter finals and won 4th speaker.

Maggie West qualified for semi finals.

Violet Webber won champion individual speaking and first speaker.

n Junior Varsity, Canyon McGee one sixth speaker. Joy Rhodes qualified for quarter finals and won 4th speaker. Emma Busby made quarter finals and won 2nd speaker. Josh Morgan made quater finals.

In Varsity, Mitch Sadler qualified for quater finals.

Team awards included 5th place in Individual events, 3rd place in individual debate, 4th place overall com- petition across all events, and 3rd in sweeps which measured success in debate competitions exclusively.




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