Bison athlete’s brother joins NFL with the KC Chiefs


Courtesy Photo/ The Bison

Running back and JMAS junior Rueben Thompson celebrates his brother, Darwin’s, success with the Kansas City Chiefs–number 25. Rueben’s number for the Bison is 26.

Anthony “Amp” WilliAms

Assistant Sports

While there are many athletes on campus who have family members living their dream, one Bison football player’s brother is currently living his dream being on a NFL roster.

Junior running back (and DMAR/JMAS major) Reuben Thompson gets to watch his brother Darwin Thompson on Sundays playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.


Darwin represents his family’s name on the field and off.


Since Darwin has entered the league, the Thompson family still approaches things the same as before.

“There really has not been any changes in my family since my brother got drafted,” Rueben said.

“My parents, my sister and I are still supporting him the same way we did when he was playing little league; now he’s just in the big league,” he said.

Reuben supports his brother and said he believes he can do anything if he puts his mind to it.

“My brother is one of the most determined and hard working people I know and there are so many people who can attest to that,” Reuben said.

“Since he was little, he al- ways wanted to be in the NFL and become a Hall of Famer,” he said.

“It’s funny because I’m younger than him, but I can’t remember him always talking about being one of the greats. He is humble and has his head on straight, so I do not doubt he can achieve his goals,” he said,



Rueben, brother Darwin and their parents Rueben (senior) and Lashonne take a moment after Darwin’s bowl game when he played at Utah State.

“Our family have been sup- porting him all his life and never turned our backs on him. That’s how it goes in our household; we believe in everyone’s dreams because we know with the right mindset one day, they will become a reality,” Reuben said.

Now this is more than just football for Darwin; it’s a career.

“The difference between college football and professional football is this is his career now, his job; he is get- ting paid to play a game he loves deep down. It does not get better than that,” Reuben said.

Rueben said he and his family not forget one April day in 2019.

“During draft day motions, we were rising when names were being called and when they called ‘Darwin Thompson,’ we went crazy. It was one of the best moments of my life and I wasn’t even the one being selected; I was so proud of him,” he said.

“After all the doubt he was able to prove everyone right, not wrong; we don’t focus on that,” Reuben said.

One of the first things Darwin wants to do is give back to his community, according to Rueben.

“For the future, my brother wants to start an organization for kids who are less fortunate, starting in Tulsa OK where we are from, and run a gym; also he loves old school cars so I know he will collect those and fix them from the bottom up and take them to car shows,” Reuben said.

Reuben’s teammates use Darwin as motivation and see the same athletic potential in Reuben.

“Reuben is a great teammate,” junior criminal justice and running back Holmer Thomas said.

“Reuben has great character in a good way; he’s a great player and brother,” Thomas said.

“He is a hard worker and motivates me to do better. With Reuben and I playing the same position, we really share a great bond because 95 percent of practice we are together. If you need any laugh, he’s the person to be around,” he said. “His brother Darwin is inspirational to me because I was at the same junior college as him. The grind behind being at a junior college alone is enough to show anyone re- spect for going through it. His brother is a prime example that anything is possible with hard work and dedication,” Thomas said.

According to, Darwin is a rookie running back in the NFL, number 25.

He was selected in the sixth round 214 pick by the Kansas City Chiefs, and he has received positive press about his performance so far.

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