MidFirst Bank in Shawnee robbed, suspect still at large

robbery_Jared East.jpg

The Bison / Jared East

MidFirst Bank was robbed lFriday Oct. 4 by a woman between 40 and 50 years of age.

Jake Usry

Assistant News Editor

Around 12:15 on Friday Oct. 4, police responded to reports of a robbery that had just taken place at MidFirst Bank located at 2320 N. Harrison.

The bank robbery occurred in Shawnee close to two weeks ago and the suspect, described as being a 5’4” fe- male that is between 40 to 50 years of age, is still at large.

She was reported to have blonde hair, blue eyes and a heavy build.

The female entered the bank wearing a baseball cap, blue jacket and navy-blue hat.

According to the police report, She was holding what appeared to be an empty bag which she then handed to the bank teller and demanded that it be filled cash.

After she received the money, she then left the premises and the report does not specify which way she went or whether she left on foot or in a vehicle.

Eye witness reports however, say that she was seen calmly walking out of the bank after committing the crime.

The owner of a tattoo parlor that is next door to the bank saw the whole thing and ex- plained that his security cam- eras caught the suspect leaving.

“It was bizarre. I would have been running and freaking out the whole time,” the owner Isaac Bruno said to News 4 during an interview.

“She was just like, ‘I’m go- ing on a stroll, here we go.’”

At the time the report was filed, it was not known how much money was stolen.

The police are currently conducting a full investigation.

“We had no clue. The first officer on scene said he was about 15 seconds away, so she was in and out real quick,” Bruno said to News 4.

“I guess they were even driving by when she was walking out.”

According to the police report, multiple police officers arrived around the same time in an attempt to lock down the immediate scene from the public.

Bruno also explained to News 4 that’s it’s not every day you catch an accused bank robbery on your security cameras.

You also half expect her to be running out with bags of money and speeding off in a car, not calmly walking away.

“That would have been far cooler [if] you see[n] [her] do- ing that. I mean you couldn’t tell,” Bruno said to News 4.

“There was no way to tell what she was doing or what happened. I mean we didn’t know.”

According to the FBI, close to 5,000 bank robbery cases occur annually and have a capture and conviction rate of close to 60%.

Out of that 5,000 however, only approximately 100-150 of those robberies are conducted by white females.

If you have any information contact either the FBI at 405-290-777 or Shawnee Police Department at 405-273- 2121. You can also leave information at tips.fbi. gov.



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