Go Week chapels challenge students to ‘go beyond’

                                                                        Courtesy Photo/Okbu.edu
Nathan Henager
Faith Editor

OBU kicked off its annual GO Week Monday, Sept. 9.

This year the theme was “go beyond,” and throughout the week students were challenged to step outside their comfort zone and follow the mission to which God has called them. This week was based on Matthew 25:35-40.

Monday students heard from Dr. Louima Lilite, McGavern Montgomery associate professor of music and coordinator of voice studies at OBU.

In his message, Lilite challenged the students to reach into the dark corners of life.

“God wants you to go there because He wants you to see the transformative power in the messy places,” Lilite said.

He encouraged the students to branch out and share with the people who are different than them.

“Do you feel less inclined or more inclined to reach people who are different than you?” he said.

Wednesday, students had the privilege of hearing from two former OBU faculty members, Ben and Sherry Booz.

During their message Sherry Booz encouraged the students to engage in chapel, she shared memories of a time when she was sitting where the students were at her Christian campus in Texas.

Sherry said that all the years she at- tended chapel, she can only remember three statements.


She challenges the students to pay attention and listen to what God is trying to tell them.

“Our prayer is that one statement, one comment, one challenge, one something from what we share today will impact you in such a way that will cause you to engage to- ward action,” she said.

During their message the couple worked to answer two questions regarding the refugee crisis: why does this happen and what does it have to do with you?

Sherry began by ad- dressing the “why” part, “the truth is there isn’t just one cause, theres not one reason and we couldn’t give you one answer today.” Sherry said that there are many reasons why refugees have to flee their country.

“There’s wars, there’s economic collapse, there’s just human sin the fact that we have a fallen nature,” she said. “There’s also persecution, there’s pride and there’s a prejudice.” Ben then said that God is shaking the nations’ so that they can be reached.

Sherry then answered the “what” portion of the message by challenging students to interact with the international students. She then informed the students of opportunities that these students have to serve.

To close out the GO Week Chapel series, students had the opportunity to hear from fellow classmates who have been on GO trips.

“If you feel like God is calling you to go, I just ask that you have faith,” Senior Christian ministry major, David Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez told the students that he actually was not planning on go- ing and in the spring semester he felt God’s call.

With time being an issue, Gonzalez told God that He would need to provide the way.

In June he received a call that someone was unable to go, and God provided a way for him to go.

Gonzalez left that next week and he said “It was incredible to see how God moved.”

Students heard from senior nursing major student

Smith transferred to OBU and was quickly interested in the mission mindset that the university had.

Her first year on Bison Hill, Smith said she heard many good and bad things about GO trips, so she decided not to go.

Then fall of her junior year God called her to Uganda.

While in Uganda a tragedy happened among people who lived there and Smith had the opportunity to share her story with the people them, and she said,


 “This is what He’s been preparing me for.” 

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