Myers and Floyd talk campus reforms

By Ashton Smith, Assistant Features Editor

This 2018-2019 Academic year, SGA elected a new president and vice president into office: juniors Clayton Myers and Nathan Floyd.

The new inductees are still at the very beginning of their presidency, and the duo has big plans for the school and some changes they want to bring about.

“We are going to start improving homecoming by implementing new [activities] each year which will make homecoming more enjoyable for not only alumni, but current students as well,” Myers said. “This year we will have our First Annual Homecoming Parade sponsored by SGA.”

By adding this new and exciting event to the roster for homecoming weekend, they are hoping to extend their reach to a wider audience.

“We want to be able to bridge the gap between students and alumni,” Floyd said.

Along with the new additions to homecoming, chang-es involving communication between the SGA staff and students are being implemented as well.

By reaching out and connecting with their immediate audience, they can have a better grasp of what the students are asking of SGA.

“We also want to make sure that the students at OBU have a more open relationship between the SGA and the student body as a whole,” Myers said. “We have an office in the lower GC that people sit in a lot of the times. We want students to stop by and talk to us and to hear of what we are doing on campus.”

Not only do Myers and Floyd want to make connections with the students and alumni, they also want to specifically reach out to the student-athletes here at OBU and show them some appreciation for their hard work.

“Whether that be through going to their games or becoming their friend off of the field/court, we know that athletes deserved to be treated like students, too,” Floyd said.

With all of these changes in the works, students may wonder what drove Myers and Floyd to pursue their presidency with these ideas and why they’re so passionate about them. The two connected fairly easily when it came to their campaign.

“I approached Nathan last semester around February just to discuss with him ideas I had and asked what his thoughts on running with me would be,” Myers said. “We’ve known each other since freshman year, and I knew that he was someone who had vision for this campus as well.”

Myers and Floyd said they have big plans for their year of presidency on Bison Hill and are both confident and positive about what’s to come for the community around them.

“I am so excited about the diverse group of students we have in SGA this year, and I can already see great things brewing this year on campus,” Floyd said. “As chief of staff, Tyler Koonce, would say ‘Our future is so bright, you’re gonna need to your shades on.”

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