Student travels 2400 miles back to Bison Hill

By Jake Patton, Contributing Writer

At the beginning of the semester, my feet hit the ground on campus at another university, and I immediately knew I wasn’t home.

I transferred to another Christian university for a degree path that better suited me.

The path I chose was cinema, and I was extremely excited for this segment in life.

For starters, my trip across the country was not a fun journey, but it was a worth-while adventure because realizing that OBU is my home was the best thing that could have happened.

Being surrounded by 10,000 students in a foreign place was just not for me. I made it through one week before realizing that I was not meant to be anywhere but OBU.

On the last day, I packed everything into my car except for a blanket.

Waking up the next morning, I withdrew from this college and then jumped in my car and started the drive home.

As I was driving back to OBU, I called the admissions department, was re-instated and re-enrolled into my classes before I even made it to Tennesse.

I came back to OBU for two specific reasons: the community and the professors.

The community on Bison Hill is like no other.

People are what make a place so special, and a prime example is walking to class every day and being greeted by friends and fellow classmates as I stroll past the fountain or stop by the GC.

The professors at OBU are no exception to this type of camaraderie.

It’s an odd feeling when you have a friend who may be forty-five and in charge of your class, but this is also an example of how the professors on campus at OBU make learning fun and enjoyable.

Not being afraid to ask questions in class because your professor has your back is not something you can find easily.

I missed having this personal connection with my professors, and that led me back to Bison Hill.

I traveled 2400 miles in distance, spent 36 hours driving and moved into multiple dorms in a span of less than two weeks, and I would do it all again just to be home on Bison Hill.

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