Chacos and Tacos: a craze and a charity event

By Isabel Palos, Contributing Writer

Tacos help with more than just an appetite.
Kappa Phi Beta hosted their fourth annual Chacos and Tacos event Tuesday, September 18th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Mabee Suite.
Profits from Chacos and Tacos will be donated to Community Renewal, a non-profit organization in Pottawatomie County. Community Renewal is one of the philanthropies of Kappa Phi Beta.
“The purpose of Chacos and Tacos is to raise money and build awareness of our philanthropy, Community Renewal,” said Logan Hime, co-social chair of Kappa Phi Beta.
Kappa Phi Beta has helped Community Renewal fund their operation of the Friendship House since last year.
“Community Renewal is an organization in Pottawatomie County that helps neighbors restore community through intentional relationships,” Hime said. “The proceeds from this year’s Chacos and Tacos will go to fund the upkeep of Community Renewal’s Friendship House which was completed this summer.”
Kappa Phi Beta sold t-shirts and 150 tickets last year.
“[We] raised over $1000 for the creation of Community Renewal’s first Friendship House, so this year we hope to raise even more!” Kappa Phi Beta president Payton Clark said.
This year, Kappa Phi Beta sold tickets and stickers from September 10th through September 14th in the Geiger Center. Kappa Phi Beta accepts payment via cash or Venmo.
Chacos and Tacos is an open event and provided a variety of entertainment, which included games, tacos from Don Ciros Tacos and the opportunity to hang out with friends and professors.
Chacos and Tacos was an opportunity to give back to the Shawnee community.
“Whether or not you know anything about Community Renewal, we want to give the OBU community the opportunity to learn more, give back to the community and get involved, so everyone is welcome,” Clark said.

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