Siblings on campus share experiences

By Loren Rhoades, Assistant Features Editor 

Sibling relationships are of a different breed than most. Nine times out of 10, most siblings love and dislike each other all at the same time.

Having this type of relationship typically stems from the constant togetherness brought about during childhood. Constant togetherness that usually leads to brothers or sisters choosing their own path, but there are siblings who end up in the same place or university.

Students like senior digital media arts major Nick Dingus have experienced this for themselves. Dingus’s brother is a junior who followed in his footsteps and now attends OBU.

“It’s nice to family on campus, just in case you need them,” Dingus said.

Along with Dingus, there are many other students who have family with them at OBU as well.

Olivianna Calmes is a sophomore news and information major who has not one, but two siblings with her here on campus, who are both in the same class.

“It’s been the best thing for me to have them here,” Calmes said. “I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Calmes said that having her siblings here hasn’t been at all like she had expected. She said she anticipated having different friends and not seeing them often, but it wound up being completely different.

“I didn’t know how the dynamic would go knowing that we all had different majors, but I actually spend time with them every week and it is great,” Calmes said.

Calmes isn’t the only person on campus who is happy to have a sibling or two alongside her.

Junior biochemistry major Anna Harmon is attending OBU with her twin sister and said she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“My sister and I are best friends and pretty much joined at the hip, and honestly I never really pictured going to college without her,” Harmon said.

Harmon said getting to experience college with her twin just adds to the special bond they already have together. Especially since they are similar majors and suitemates, so they see each other quite often.

Freshman communications major Julia Jolly also said it is nice to have a sibling here on campus with her. Jolly’s family is in Texas, so she said having someone here make her feel less homesick.

“Having a sibling on campus makes you feel a little more at home. When I miss my parents I will go give my brother a hug, or he will go take me out for coffee,” Jolly said.

Among the many things that can come from having family nearby, there is also the support system that comes from it.

“I am increasingly thankful for the support my brother gives me, and the support I can give to my sister,” Calmes said.

Having that sense of support is positive for all parties involved. Knowing there is always someone there to encourage can make life seem like it is going a little smoother.

“It’s a little more secure, you just have security in the fact that you always have someone there,” Jolly said.

Although there are many good things to having a sibling on campus, there are also downfalls, which include the ability to be an individual.

“We are constantly referenced together,” Jolly said, “and yes we are similar, but I kind of have to make my own name for myself.”

Along with the brother Jolly currently has on campus, she also has another brother who went to OBU. Because they are a well-known family, she said it is sometimes difficult to be as involved as they have been.

“My brothers have just been so awesome that sometimes I feel like I need to live up to that image,” Jolly said.


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