The next Lunch n’ Learn will be in February

Payton Clark, News Editor

Technology has become an important part of the daily lifestyle of students everywhere, and with it back and neck pain.

Monday Nov. 13, the RAWC hosted the last Lunch ‘N Learn luncheon of the semester. The event taught students about making healthy, daily lifestyle habits related to posture and back pain. Lunch was provided at 12 p.m. in GC 218-220, followed by the informational seminar from Relax the Back professional Roynell Rawson.

“What students should expect is that no matter if we’re traveling or just sleeping, that there are ways that we can improve our posture, habits and how we can improve to make a healthier version of ourselves,” Wellness Coordinator Lindsay Mitchell said before the event. “Roynell will express the ways to improve with a more hands on presentation on Monday, November 13th at noon.”

The lunch provided an approach to teaching involved in this event are in hopes to give students an opportunity to learn and understand important information for their daily lifestyles.

“The Lunch N’ Learn will provide a free lunch for all students that attend, Roynell will be speaking and will have a more hands on approach to this luncheon,” Mitchell said. “That way students will be able to grasp the topic that will be presented.”

While the Lunch ‘N Learn discussed “daily lifestyle habits,” there was a focus on posture and how people can prevent pain.

“The course for the Lunch N Learn is Lifestyle Assessment in your 24 hour day,” Rawson said. “We will be talking about posture and positions that we use during the day, that may be causing back and neck pain.”

Rawson, a representative from Relax the Back, said that it is important for students to know how to prevent and deal with back issues due to the damage technology creates.

“With the use of our technology gadget, people are having more back and neck issues and pain,” Rawson said. “We are not using our gadgets in appropriate and correct posture that is creating us to change our back and neck postures.  Especially in our younger generations.”

The last Lunch ‘N Learn event was September’s event regarding Alzheimer’s. This was the last chance students had to attend until next semester.

“There are Lunch N Learns for students every other month,” Mitchell said. “The next one will be Feb. 26, 2018 at noon held in the GC 218-219.”

Rawson has been involved with other Lunch ‘N Learn events at OBU, and has many years of experience in medicine.

“I have worked with Lindsay Mitchell in the past at other events and I have presented to the faculty and staff here at OBU on a couple of other lunch n learns,” Rawson said. “I have over 20 years in the medical field with billing and collections, surgical coordinator, and medical office coordinator for multiple PT offices in the OKC metro area. I have worked for Relax The Back for 6 years and I am a certified ergonomic assessment specialist.”

Mitchell said that Rawson has been involved with teaching the OBU community different health topics for a year.

“I actually found Roynell through extensive research on different health topics that I could bring to the OBU community,” Mitchell said. “She currently works up in OKC at Relax the Back. She first started doing the Lunch N Learns in the Fall of 2016.”

Students interested in attending just need to RSVP with Lindsay Mitchell at




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