UCS hosts ‘Open Mic Night’ for OBU community

Hannah Ledford, Contributing Writer

Oklahoma Baptist University hosted their second Open Mic Night of the semester in the downstairs Geiger Center November 4.

This event served as a comfortable and fun way for students to share their talents with peers.

All participants entertained with their acts, which ranged from playing instruments and singing songs, to providing the audience with laughter by reading humorous poems.

The event offered a comfortable atmosphere. The string of lights, cider and coffee bar and overall set up encouraged all the attendants to relax and enjoy the evening.

Those attending the event included various groups of people, including athletes, class leaders, and new freshmen. The participants themselves also varied; however, this event allowed everyone to come together as one people to appreciate the different talents each student possessed.

Sophomore piano player, and singer Graham Griffon said the event was welcome to everyone and anyone who desired to perform.

“This is a great opportunity for anybody who does music to come just have a good time and just play music,” Griffon said. “The people here are welcoming to anybody that plays.”

Griffon explained that he was excited about performing his new original song at this event.

“I’ve been really looking forward to doing it tonight because it’s an opportunity for me to share my music with other people,” he said.

Courtesy Photo

While the event was an exciting time for the participants, it was also a fun time for those who spectated the show as well.

Spectator Grace Looney explained that she was enthralled the moment she walked into the Geiger Center.

“I thought it was a really chill environment,” she said. “I liked how they had the lights and how anyone could go up there.”

Looney also explained how pleased she was with the variety of performances.

“Everyone up there seemed to have a ton of talent,” she said “I was impressed by everyone who went up there.”

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