Theatre department presents ‘You Can’t Take It With You’

Allison Jarboe, Arts Editor

A man can’t give up his business!”
“Why not? You’ve got all the money you need. You can’t take it with you!”

These defining lines resonate in the ears of the audience as the underlying theme of the show: pursuing what you really love, and boldly discarding the monotony, even if it may seem out of the ordinary.

This past weekend, OBU theatre program performed “You Can’t Take It With You,” a production emphasizing the importance of family, in all its extreme, quirky glory.

This coming weekend, there will be showings at 7:30 on November 10 and 12 and at 2:30 on November 13.

The storyline follows the dealings involved with a budding relationship between unlikely lovers: Alice Sycamore, of a bizarre and motley family, and Tony Kirby, of a respectable business family.

Brenna Bergeron, junior theatre major, played Alice in the production.

“Alice loves the people in her life deeply and desires to do good,” Bergeron said.

Each member of the audience can identify with the raw humanity of its characters. Alice’s personality outlines the common intention to make the best decision.

“But sometimes she needs a little courage to take a leap of faith,” Bergeron said.

“I’ve grown in playing Alice because I’ve had to find specific things to make Alice different from Brenna. Which is harder than it looks.”

The aura of the show is one of eccentricity, belonging and creativity. The set alone displays these themes.

Members of the audience will gaze upon a busy set design, showing an eclectic, diverse and messy home, with all the warmth and acceptance of its inhabitants.

Hannah Ledford / The Bison

You Can’t Take It With You underlines the simplicity of everyone having their happy place and the centrality of each person knowing where they truly belong. Schantz speaks on this matter.

“Tony may cause the audience to question if they are in a place in their life that they want to be and cause them to step back and look at their lives,” Caleb Schantz said.

In many ways, Alice Sycamore encompasses the ultimate moral dilemma behind the production’s storyline.

“I think it will challenge the audience to evaluate,” Bergeron observed. “It challenges us to go after what we love instead of what is comfortable or easy.”

Although the show addresses common and difficult struggles that every family and individual must face, Bergeron explained its light and encouragement.

“It will make you laugh so hard you cry, it will warm your heart, and it will challenge you,” Bergeron said.

By the last scene, the audience will feel as if they themselves have a special place in the Sycamore family.

It is this theme—family—that is the most integral force in the play.

This lighthearted production portrays the ins and outs of what a true family goes through—with all of its hilarities and oddities, making it a highly nostalgic, personal experience for any audience member.

Tickets are available online at http://www.okbu/theatre or by calling (405) 585-4350.

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