by Jason Burger, Contributing Writer

Ladies, when was the last time a guy asked you out face-to-face?   

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When was the last time a guy held the door open for you, or offered to pay for a date?   

It probably doesn’t happen as much as you’d like it to, does it?   

With the increased rise of social media and electronic communication, chivalry seems to have taken a big drop in our society.   

“Chivalry has been affected by perhaps making conversations more casual, and it opens up the potential for phone snubbing when in public,” junior English major Tyler Henson said.

“This carries over to relationships and specifically on dates.”   

In 2013, Harris Poll conducted a survey with the intent to find out what Americans thought of social conditions for women.   

The poll found that 80 percent  of Americans say that, “women today are treated with less chivalry than in the past.”   

“As a girl, guys that I’m just acquaintances with will send unsolicited messages or pictures,” junior physics and news and information double major Hannah Lounsberry said.

“I say I’m not okay with that, and sometimes it stops.  Sometimes they keep trying.  That is when you have to block them on every social media platform you are on.”   

The results also showed that 52% of respondents said that relationships between men and women were not stable.   

“Social media definitely affects chivalry especially in terms of what a guy or a girl will say to each other that they may not say in person,” junior news and information major Nicole Smith said.

In another poll, Brandon McDaniel of Pennsylvania State University and Sarah Coyne of Brigham Young University surveyed 143 women.

The results found that around 107 of those women felt that smartphones were interfering in their committed relationships with men.   

“On engagement, we’re already seeing that mobile users are more likely to be daily active users than desktop users,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a 2012 public interview.

“They’re more likely to use Facebook six or seven days of the week.”

It is important to consider that social media has reached an all time high in usage.   

“I’ve had two instances, both in high school, where a guy said something either rude or flat out creepy to me via Facebook Messenger that I highly doubt they would have said if we had been face to face,” Smith said.

Amber Troppman, a junior art major, said that it isn’t just social media interfering with chivalry.

“I feel like it is a lack in parents teaching their children how to be chivalrous to women and to each other,” she said.

“However, social media has made it easier to be less personable with people, and therefore, [it] is the gateway for men to not treat women the way they deserve.”

Despite social media allowing for easier communication, sometimes it has made for less accountability.

“Sometimes we stop being respectful or courteous when we are using technology simply because we feel that there are no immediate consequences to our actions,”  Smith said.

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