by Morgan Smith, Faith Editor

biblestudy infront of raley by Alyssa.JPG
Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison 

Every Monday evening a group of students gathers on the steps of Raley to sing worship songs and pray. 

The group is an informal worship that was started by a small group of freshman students.

In just a few weeks, the group has grown to include over 20 students.

Brycon Cunningham and Caleb Newton were in the first group to meet.

They both play guitar during the group meetings.

“About three or four weeks ago we were just a big group of friends that were hanging downstairs in the Agee basement, and we decided it would be fun to go outside and sing some worship songs together,” Cunningham said.

The group grabbed their guitars and settled on Raley as an ideal location.

“It was about three people at first and then people just started texting people,” Cunningham said. 

“By the end of the night there was probably a good 20-25 people the first night.”

One of the people present in the group was sophomore student ministry major, Brady Cox, with his friend Nick Dingus. 

They saw the group in front of Agee, and Brady decided to grab his own guitar and meet them in front of Raley

“It just kind of led to this spontaneous moment of worship,” Cox said.

“There was a lot of traffic going back and forth between Agee and the stairs, and so a lot of people were seeing it.”

The group stayed out till one o’clock that night.

“We ended it by walking over to the big granite cross and we prayed,” Cox said. “It was just a spontaneous kind of thing.”

The group decided to meet again the next week, and invited others to join them.

“We decided to have it on Monday night, because Canterbury was next week,” Cunningham said.

“The week after that we decided to always have it on Mondays.”

The worship starts at 10:30 p.m. with student led worship music.

Cunningham said that the group will try to pick out five to seven songs a night to get the worship going, but that the worship is Spirit led.

“Other people will bring their guitars and there’ll be songs that they’ll play and we’ll sing and support them,” Cunningham said.

“People will often share Bible verses, they’ll share testimonies. It’s just kind of wherever the Spirit leads.”

Like on the first night, each worship ends with the group gathering around the cross and praying.

“People will pray if you feel led, there’s not a lot of pressure,” Cox said.

“There’s just something really cool about all of us on our knees, around the cross, praying together late at night.”

Cunningham said that he loves the simplicity of the worship, and that it’s intended to focus on the heart.

“There’s no mics, there’s no amps, really everybody’s voices just kind of blends together, no one stands out that way,” Cunningham said. “Really it’s a thing of everybody’s contributing to it.”

The group has also grown to include more than just freshman.

“It’s just open to anyone who just wants to come and sing,” Cox said.

The group is starting to discuss names for itself, including “Climate Delirious.”

“I think that pretty accurately describes what we’re doing,” Cunningham said. “We’re just a bunch of college students late Monday night, when we should be going to bed and studying, gathering together to worship God because that’s what we want to do.”

Cox said he hopes to see the group grow without losing any of the spontaneity.

“That’s where God works the most, is when things aren’t necessarily organized,” he said.

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