OBU named 2017 Best in the West

By Rebekah McPheeters, Contributing Writer

Many students who attend Oklahoma Baptist University believe that this university is the best, and OBU has again proven that it is indeed one of the best schools in the country. OBU has been named the Best in the West for 2017 by the Princeton Review for the twelve consecutive year.

This award names the top 381 colleges nation-wide and divides them by region. The honor is given based upon a variety of criteria, including a survey of students and administrators.

The honor of being named one of the top universities in the region and in the country has an effect beyond just boosting Bison pride.  Bill Brantley, the Director of Admissions of OBU, said that the award sends a stark message to prospective students.

“Great rankings like OBU’s placement on the Best in the West List certainly helps enrollment,” Brantley said. “When students and families are researching universities, seeing OBU on lists like the Best in the West certainly helps them in knowing what a quality university OBU is.”

The placement on the list by Princeton Review is not only based on academics, however; but a wide range of criteria.  The categories of excellence include athletics, student life, and success after graduation.  In each category, OBU scored high, reflecting the diversity of students at OBU, Brantley said.

“I don’t think there is one big reason that students come to OBU,” Brantley said.

For some students, the community they find is reason enough to make the trek to Bison Hill. For others, it is athletics, and for some, it is the integration of faith and learning. Yet, one of the most important aspects of OBU are often not reflected by rankings such as the Best in the West, and that is the spiritual growth that can occur at OBU, he said.

“Rankings that OBU receives tell a story of the amazing things that are happening here at OBU,” he said.  “[We] pray over the students that we are working with.  We hope that they are seeking the Lord’s leading in their life and listening to His voice as He leads.”

Brantley said that though it is a high honor to be recognized, it is no surprise.

“OBU is one of the finest institutions in the country, and our placement on this list is a confirmation of the great work that is happening here at OBU.”

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