Bison football earn victory on homecoming

By Jared A’Latorre, Sports Editor

The Bison came up with their second straight victory over Northwestern Oklahoma State in their homecoming game.

The Bison changed up their running game with the workload being dominated by sophomore Rueben Thompson.

Thompson ran the ball for a 17-yard pickup on the second drive of the OBU possession.

The drive was ended by a 17-yard throw from redshirt sophomore Preston Haire to junior Noah McGraw for a touchdown.

The Bison went up 7-0.

The Rangers were able to drive down the field on their next possession but were stopped short by the Bison defense.

They settled for a short field goal to get on the scoreboard.

The Bison once again looked to Thompson for another great pickup on the ground.

The drive ended off a 2-yard touchdown pass from Haire to redshirt senior Josh Pettijohn.

The next possession led to potential shades of nightmares with the Rangers scoring on just two plays.

They finished off their drive on a 77-yard touchdown pass.

In the second quarter, OBU got help from two pass interference penalties on their next possession.

Redshirt freshman Abel Wills was able to get in action on the drive with a 13-yard completion.

The Bison continued to depend on Thompson on the ground and they finished off the drive with a one-yard touchdown pass to redshirt freshman Joshua Cornell.

The Rangers capped off a long 14-play drive with a 10-yard touchdown run to keep themselves in the game.

The two teams went back and forth and capped off another successful drive with a 21-yard pass from Haire to redshirt junior Jacques Henderson.

The score was 28-17 with the Bison on top. To earn points at the end of the half, the Bison started out near midfield with just over 90 seconds to go.

They set up their kicker, redshirt freshman Connor Watts for a field goal.

His kick was good, giving the Bison a 31-17 lead going into halftime.

In the second half, the Rangers received the second half kickoff.

During the drive, one of their players was ejected for an unsportsmanlike penalty, giving the Bison greater momentum in the half.

On the first possession for OBU in the half, senior Cagney Roberson was a highlight in the drive with a 10-yard completion.

The drive ended with a one-yard touchdown run from Thompson. Thompson seemed eager to get his chance to shine on the field.

“I was excited I got my chance to show what I could bring to the table and also I felt like we could get a lot accomplished overall,” Thompson said. “From being able to run the ball and pass how we did had their defense not knowing what was going to hit them.”

This gave the Bison a 21-point lead in the third quarter.

The quarter involved defensive efforts from both sides.

During the quarter, redshirt sophomore Landon Rowlett intercepted a pass giving the Bison a greater chance to win.

In the fourth quarter, the Rangers showed some life with a 6-yard pass completion, giving them some life with the Bison still up by 14 points.

After a forced three-and-out from the Ranger defense, the Rangers capitalized on a score.

They drove down the field and scored on a 12-yard completion.

The lead was down to seven with the Bison still winning.

Another great defensive effort from the Rangers was enough to earn the ball on offense again.

The Rangers were stopped on three downs and then on a fourth down conversion, they failed as they fell just short of the first down marker.

The Bison took over and were able to get close to the first-down line.

They drew the defense offside on fourth down and one and essentially put the game to rest with a 38-31 victory.

Thompson believed that his players remained in the game all through-out.

“I love how our team stayed focused and had energy all four quarters,” Thompson said.“Even if something didn’t go our way, we knew the goal we were headed for and didn’t let anything stop us from reaching it.”

With the Bison headed into the season finale, they have a shot to beat every single opponent in the state. They want to come out of next week’s game with the same outcome.

“We’re going to prepare like never before and have the practice,” Thompson said. “This is our chance to do something that hasn’t been done for this program since we joined [Division II] which is take state being 5-0 against Oklahoma teams and we will not miss this opportunity.”

Haire threw for four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Thompson ran for 98 yards and a touchdown. Pettijohn, Henderson, McGraw and Cornell all completed passes for touchdowns.

The Bison will play Southern Nazarene at Crain Family Stadium in their final regular season game next Saturday, Nov. 10.

Bison football falls despite high scoring match

By Jared A’Latorre, Sports Editor

Even with a valiant effort, the OBU football squad were still downed by Southern Arkansas.

There was plenty of action in this high scoring affair. Redshirt sophomore Preston Haire totaled for 530 yards and was responsible for six touchdowns. Haire threw for 39 for 60 completions and made the offense look bright. The Southern Arkansas Muleriders prevailed and went to 5-0 while the Bison were in a desperate need of a win.

In the first quarter to start the game, OBU started on offense. The Bison were in Mulerider territory when they missed on a field goal to capitalize first.

It seemed as if OBU started out slow on the defensive side as well as they were already down by a touchdown. The Muleriders drove down the field on a 12-play, 77-yard drive that took seven minutes.

In the second quarter of play, the Muleriders had the ball and scored again to take a two-touchdown lead. The next drive, Haire completed big passes down the field to redshirt senior Josh Pettijohn and senior Cagney Roberson.

The Muleriders completed another long drive as they were able to score again on a run from 10 yards out. On the next OBU drive, the offense relied on Haire to drive them down the field and he did just that. Haire threw a touchdown pass to junior Noah McGraw from 25 yards out.

In a last attempt to put points on the board at the end of the half, the Bison drove down the field with 50 seconds left in the half. Completions to Roberson and Pettijohn were able to bring the Bison closer in position to score.

The Bison got some help with offside and pass interference penalties to help the Bison go for a field goal at the end of the half. Redshirt sophomore Luke Wendl was able to put it through and the score was 21-17 at halftime in favor of the Muleriders.

In the third quarter, the Bison defense came out strong and forced a three and out. The Muleriders were forced to punt, and the Bison were able to strike early in the third with Haire throwing a touchdown pass to Pettijohn from 30 yards out.

The Bison took their first lead of the game with a threepoint lead. On the first play for Southern Arkansas on the next drive, the Muleriders quarterback Barrett Renner completed a 50-yard pass down the field to Karonce Higgins. He completed two passes to Jared Lancaster with one of them being for a touchdown.

On OBU’s next drive, the Bison drove down the fi eld and scored with an 11-yard rush from Haire. Haire was effective in the air and on the ground. On the Muleriders next possession, the rushing attack was clicking on all cylinders. There was a touchdown run from eight yards out and the Muleriders regained the lead.

On the next OBU possession, Haire had a big run for 36 yards. With the Bison just outside of the 20-yard line, Haire had a pass intercepted, taking away the Bison momentum.

In the fourth quarter, the Muleriders started to pull away. On the first play of the fourth quarter, the Muleriders scored on a touchdown from 26 yards out.

The Bison were haunted by a holding penalty moving them back and eventually forcing a punt. The Muleriders were able to march down the field again with a touchdown pass to Lancaster. The score was 48-31 with the Muleriders pulling away.

With the Bison showing urgency, Haire had his chance to shine. Haire completed the drive with another touchdown pass to redshirt junior Jacques Henderson.

The Muleriders had the ball with a short field, and Lancaster scored on another touchdown. On the next OBU drive, Haire completed more passes resulting in another touchdown to Pettijohn. The Bison fell, 55-45.

Even with the loss, the Bison still have plenty of brightness to look at with a hard-fought game over an undefeated team. Pettijohn and Roberson both went over 100 yards receiving with Pettijohn scoring two touchdowns. Haire throwing for 476 yards and fi ve touchdowns were both school records.

Unfortunately, it was not the ending he wanted to a historic game. Redshirt sophomore Josh Arnold was responsible for 12 tackles. Redshirt freshman Felipe Alvear recorded 11 tackles and an interception. Junior Hayden Ashley had nine tackles.

With this loss the Bison have dropped three straight contests after starting out the season out at 2-0. In week three and four, the Bison were downed by Arkansas Tech and Harding for a miserable 87-14 combined score. The team looked more effi cient on offense but the defense also gave up 55 points.

The Bison will look to regroup and earn their third win of the year when they take on Henderson State in Arkadelphia, Ark. Saturday, Oct. 6.