Higher Learning Commission urges students to answer survey about OBU

“The purpose of the Higher Learning Commission is to help [OBU] determine if we are fulfilling the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves institutionally,” Griffin said. “Feedback from the student body is vital if we are to capture data regarding successes and challenges of institutionally recognized benchmarks. Therefore, I strongly encourage students to participate in opportunities provided for feedback through surveys requested by the HLC.”

‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ proves much better than 2004 film

In January, Netflix released the eight-episode series based on the first four books of Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. The television adaptation begins by following the lives of the Baudelaire children after the loss of their parents in a fire. Like the books, the show is dark, mysterious, witty and imaginative as Violet, Clause and Sunny Baudelaire try to flee the nefarious Count Olaf played by Neil Patrick Harris in a world where adults do not heed the warnings of the children.

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