Class of 2022 Senior Gift Announced 

Zoe Charles

On Oct. 8, students were sent an email detailing the 2022 senior class gift of “Beautifying Pietz Plaza.” 

According to, “Pietz Plaza was gifted to OBU in the 1980s. For over 40 years, it has been a place that students pass by on The Walk to begin their Freshman year and to end their Senior year at graduation. This year, we want to make the plaza more than something just to pass by—we want to create an outdoor venue space where students can congregate and celebrate!” 

This year’s senior class hopes to make various structural changes to improve the area. 

According to the website, representatives say they “[. . .] will work to lay a new foundation, install new light fixtures, plant new forestation, and add more seating including hammock poles.” 

An email sent out to students by Lily Huff (senior class president) and Caleb Dyer (senior class vice president) elaborated on this saying, “[o]ur goal is to add more trees, outlets, and seating. In addition to those updates, we hope to lay bricks that will have 2022 senior students and donors’ names on them!” 

Alumni bricks can be purchased for $200 and an individual brick in support of a 2022 Senior can be purchased for $75. A donation form online is available for those who wish to make a direct donation to the project. Currently, $5,418.25 has been raised out of a $50,000 goal. 

For more information on how to purchase a brick visit  

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