Student Government Association announces fifteen new student senators 

Zoe Charles

On Sept. 20, 2021 Oklahoma Baptist University’s Student Government Association sent out an email to the student body announcing the results of the recent SGA elections regarding student senate. This allowed for fifteen new senators to step into office at OBU. The results were as following: 

Freshman Class President and Vice President: 

Grace Gaither and Addison Beatty 

Freshman Class Senator: 

Madison Antwine 

Grace Banks 

Austin Hendricks 

Elizabeth Patterson 

Jake Saunders 


Darra Lamar 

Emma Lang 

Devon Mack 

Diversity Senator: 

Jaylin Burlin 

Bria Evert 

International Senator: 

Jane Ellen Mann 

Miklos SzaboPeredo 

Transfer Senator: 

Ana Oelenberger 

The email concluded by saying, “Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections whether by your candidacy or through voting. Every member of the student government is excited to serve with you over the course of this year! Please never hesitate to reach out to one of your elected representatives!” 

In reaching out to the newly elected officials, several students commented on the impact they hope to make on Bison Hill. 

Freshman class senator Elizabeth Patterson said, “I hope that I can give a voice to the concerns and clubs that we have here on campus. I hope that with my position people will want to come to me with their concerns for me to bring them up to focus as a concern.” 

Senator-at-Large Emma Lang said, “OBU holds a unique and connected community. I hope to work alongside other members to create events and promote service opportunities for our campus to further and expand relationships across campus.” 

Transfer senator Ana Oelenberger said, “Being involved on the service committee is one of the most important parts of my participation with SGA. I hope to represent the transfer student body by being a good listener to concerns and to be open to conversation about why I chose Oklahoma Baptist as my home!” 

Freshman class senator Jake Saunders says he can “[. . .] make an impact by willingly serving the student body here. [SGA] exists to help the student body accomplish what it needs, like being able to charter clubs, so we can make student life much more amazing here than it already is.” 

In addition to the impact the senators believe they can help implement, the senators also encourage OBU students to look forward to exciting new events and opportunities made possible by SGA this school year. 

According to Patterson, “One exciting thing is that we can host more events and functions, and be more involved on campus this year! Last year due to Covid, SGA was very limited in what we could do and where we could do it. However, this year we have so many fewer restrictions and can host so much more!” 

Oelenberger added to this idea saying, “I believe that with more restrictions lifted, you can look forward to seeing a lot more campus-wide events. Being able to have more social events is exciting for everyone!” 

As well as social events, SGA focuses on aiding clubs and organizations on campus. 

Saunders commented on this idea saying, “The student body has much to look forward to. Watch out for future club events and organizations!” 

Senators also shared why they personally decided to run for a position within SGA.  

Patterson said, “I’m not quite sure what exactly pushed me to want to run for office. My mom held an office position when she was in college, and she absolutely loved it. She encouraged me to run and had full faith and confidence in me getting the position. I loved the idea of having a student government for the school and thought it would be cool to run.” 

Lang said, “Student Government has greatly deepened the relationships within our community here at OBU. SGA creates an environment to come together and be encouraged and challenged by one another. This kind of service and opportunity is something I admire and wanted to serve alongside. More than this, it is an opportunity to further our call to reflect the love of Christ well. Throughout the school year, SGA provides a platform to advocate for and listen to students, bettering our home here at Bison Hill.” 

Oelenberger said, “I have a passion for student life and college! I wanted to be fully involved on campus and make new friends. When choosing to run for SGA Transfer Senator, I knew I wanted to run for a position I could authentically represent and to be in a position of service.” 

Saunders said, “I ran for SGA office because I thought that I could leave OBU better than it was when I came here.” 

To learn more about SGA follow their Instagram page @obu_sga or email them at 

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