OBU Encourages Students to Serve Abroad During GO Week 

Tiffany Buschman 

Features Editor  

This past week, Oklahoma Baptist University participated in Global Outreach Week, highlighting the school’s global outreach opportunities for this upcoming spring and summer. The week consisted of three chapel services where trip testimonials and gospel messages were heard. The theme for GO week this year was Beyond: Make Him Known. Brittany Freeman, a junior nursing major and GO week co-chair, shares the significance of this year’s theme.  

“The GO week theme this year is Beyond: Make Him Known.  

The significance of this year’s theme simply put: ‘if we don’t, who will.’ There are over 3 billion people in this world that are unreached and it is our calling and our privilege to make Him known. The good news of Jesus Christ is not to keep for ourselves, but it is given to us so we can give it to others. Our theme verse for the week, Psalm 67: 2, reflects this sentiment as well which says, ‘that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.’” Freeman said. 

Freeman continues to share how GO week impacts her personally.  

“GO week is special to me because I have a calling for international missions, and it brings my heart so much joy to hear what God is doing around the world and to watch students’ hearts be softened to a calling to participate in that global mission.” Freeman said. 

OBU is offering a variety of GO trips this spring and summer that are located in the United States and all across the world. The school’s website shares information on all of the trips that are being offered.  

According to OBU’s website, the trips being offered for this spring and summer include the following: Colombia, Ecuador, New York, Canada, Egypt, Leicester, England  and Leeds, England, Ethiopia, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nepal, North Africa, Portland and Uganda. 

These trips cover a wide range of various mission fields. For example, the focus of the trip to Israel is a backyard Bible school. OBU’s website shares more on the nature of the trip.  

“Upon arrival in Nazareth, the team will be engaged in conducting an EV-centered VBS/day camp for students at the school.” 

Some trips are more physically strenuous such as the trip to Nepal. The OBU website shares more details on what is expected for that particular trip.  

“This team’s primary focus is reaching Himalayan Buddhist People. Team members must be extremely fit, relational, self-motivated, EV and prayer-minded, and able to share the truth and disciple those who already know. Trekking to remote villages may be a part of this trip and therefore applicants must be extremely physically fit or willing to get extremely fit to participate in this trip.” 

There are even trips being offered that focus more on finding your personal calling and growing leadership skills in the areas in which you serve, such as the trip to Portland. OBU’s website again shares more information on this particular trip.  

“This Spring Break Intensive or Summer Immersive project will train you to see your life, relationships, work and gospel mission as an integrated whole. You will embed with micro-churches (in homes and storefronts) to learn the rhythms of everyday mission. Your time will be spent in practicums across where you live, work, play and learn through nearly daily discipleship. You will receive accredited coaching on your vocational clarity and personal marketing strategy to enter the marketplace. Mentors in entrepreneurship, music, UX design, digital art, human resources, hospitality, and bi-vocational church planting are available.”  

There are opportunities for everyone to find how they can best go and serve through these OBU global outreach trips. Brittany Freeman shares more on this notion with an encouraging word to students who may be hesitant to participate in one of these trips.  

“If the Lord calls you to go, He will equip you, provide for you, and protect you. Do not give the enemy any victories, put your yes on the table and I promise you will not regret total and complete surrender, because Jesus Christ is worth your everything.” Freeman said 

Applications for spring and summer GO trips are due by October 21. For more information visit OBU’s website at https://www.okbu.edu/global-outreach/trip-opportunities.html.  

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