Valentine’s Day: Also Called Singles Awareness Day

Tiffany Buschman

Every year on the 14th of February, people around the world celebrate love on a holiday known as Valentine’s Day. Ashton Kutcher sums up the holiday in the first few lines of the 2010 film “Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day comes every year whether you like it or not. It’s the day when your love life is put on display and there’s always a chance for romance or disaster,” said Kutcher.

With Valentine’s Day being a holiday where everyone’s relationship is on display, naturally people’s lack of a relationship is also on display. So, the question must be asked: How do those single ladies that have no love life to put on display feel about the holiday? Emily Boyne, a Senior Communication Studies major, comments on how she feels about Valentine’s Day as a single lady.

“Honestly, I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. I hate how commercial it is and how everyone hypes up the holiday,” Boyne said.

Emma Chocholaty, a Sophomore Nursing major who is another single woman, expresses similar feelings towards the love-centric day.

“I have never particularly enjoyed Valentine’s Day as a holiday. I feel as though it is over-commercialized and used as an excuse to sell flowers and cards. There’s no need for a whole national holiday to remind everyone to appreciate their partner. You could take any day to do that,” Chocholaty said.

Single ladies tend to have more negative emotions towards Valentine’s Day, considering the holiday celebrates love and, more specifically, romantic love. For a holiday that simply celebrates love, singles may often wonder why celebrating love between friends and family members is not as common as celebrating romantic love on Valentine’s Day. Grace Vernon, a Sophomore double majoring in Elementary Education and Women’s Ministry, feels that while the holiday can cause single ladies like herself to feel sad and particularly lonely, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all forms of love which is what she embraces and celebrates on Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day celebrates other types of loves besides romantic. As a single Christian woman, I don’t want to choose to sulk on this day just because I’m single. On this day, we get to express love towards others no matter who they are because of how Jesus loves us. I love showing all of the young girls at church who are looking up to me that I am completed by Jesus and Jesus alone, even on Valentine’s Day. My worth and my celebration of love is not rooted in a significant other, but rather the love Jesus has for me, as well as everyone else,” Vernon said.

Grace is not the only single lady who enjoys celebrating all different kinds of love on Valentine’s Day, junior cross -cultural ministry major Madison Morgan enjoys celebrating this holiday for so much more than romantic relationships.

“Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday with or without a man. I just love love! I love when people choose this holiday to be fully emotionally invested in others, and strongly express their love for their friends and families. Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate the beauty of love’s many different forms,” Morgan said.

Although singles often express sadness towards Valentine’s Day, the notion of celebrating the relationships that come from all different kinds of love appeals to single ladies and provides a new perspective on the holiday. Emily Boyne plans on spending Valentine’s Day celebrating the love she receives from her friendships.

“This year I’m excited for Valentine’s Day because my roommates and I are doing our own ‘Galentines’ celebrating the love we have in our friendships,” Boyne said.

Madison Morgan has similar plans to celebrate the holiday all about love.

“My plan for Valentine’s Day is to go roller skating with some girlfriends and make chocolate covered strawberries while watching romance movies. To me, Valentine’s Day is such a simple way to love your people and go out of your way to celebrate all of your relationships and that makes the holiday special,” Morgan said.

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