Seniors Look Back on Their Time in Social Clubs During OBU’S Unique 2021 Rush Week

Tiffany Buschman

Campus was abuzz with activity last week as ladies participated in the process of joining one of the three social clubs at Oklahoma Baptist University, called rush. The three clubs, Kappa Phi Beta Pi Sigma Phi and Theta Sigma Chi and their respective members worked tirelessly throughout the week to make sure these potential new members could enjoy the rush experience as worry free as possible.

Rushing during a pandemic is certainly a memory these ladies will never forget and most likely an unforgettable memory for the seniors in each club as they are close to transitioning from active members of the clubs to club alumni. Even though the event was certainly unlike any other rush before, this year’s rush week prevailed in accepting new members and celebrating those new members just as much, as any of the previous years. Senior communication studies major and current President of Pi Sigma Phi, Rachel Mauldin said this last rush experience, for her, stands apart from the rest.

“This semester’s rush experience was one of the best. The group of girls that rushed were so sweet and confident. The timing of each night was great and everything ran smoothly. The time in between rounds to reset for the next group of girls coming in was so helpful. Although this process was not the norm, we made the best of it and it turned out being our favorite so far,” Mauldin said.

Senior nursing major and member of Kappa Phi Beta Roman Wright shared her gratitude for this year’s rush process despite the guidelines and challenges that rushing during a pandemic may have provided.

“Although this rush experience was different than any of the ones before, I’m so grateful that we got to have it at all. As a senior nursing student, I don’t get many opportunities to interact with underclassman ladies around campus, so it truly brought me joy to meet so many incredible women who I might never have met otherwise,” Wright said.

“Welcoming new Kappas into our club just never gets old. The excitement is infectious. It was all so bittersweet and I was definitely in my feelings, but I couldn’t help but celebrate the girls that will be the future of the club I love so much.”

The process of rushing for the first time is a memorable experience and is most definitely unlike an other rush experience a member may have in the years to come after that first initial rush week.

Senior business management major and member of Theta Sigma Chi Ashley Scrivener reminisced about her experience rushing as a freshman.

“In my first rush, I was extremely quiet and introverted. I remember going to each room excited and nervous to meet people. It was extremely nerve racking and overwhelming. However, I wanted to make friends, and I was most comfortable in Thetas. I definitely remember thinking that I could see myself in the club,” Scrivener said.

Roman Wright recounted her experience rushing as a freshman. While she explained it was similar to Scrivener’s by the fact that they both came in leaning towards one club the most, Wright remembers that as the week went on, the decision became harder to make.

“I came in knowing pretty well I wanted to be a Kappa, but the kindness and authenticity of the other clubs made it a more difficult decision than I thought it was going to be,” Wright said.

As for Rachel Mauldin’s first rush experience, it was a whole different story from the other two ladies. She remembers struggling to choose which club she liked best because she could see herself fitting in with more than one club. “My rush experience as a freshman is one I will never forget. After the second night, I was torn. The clubs were so great, and there were two that I was stuck between. I prayed a lot about it and kept two things in mind: that the Lord would place me where He wanted me and that I couldn’t go wrong with whichever club I decided to pick. I ultimately decided on Sig Phi because I really thought about which club I could glorify the Lord the most in, the club I meshed with the best and the one that I felt most myself. Sig Phi felt like that club,” Mauldin said.

Four years later, these ladies are preparing to say their goodbyes to these OBU social clubs and each of them have thrived during their time as members of their club and view joining a social club as a truly rewarding experience. Rachel Mauldin explained how she is extremely grateful for the time she has been able to spend as a member of Pi Sigma Phi.

“When it comes to my time in Pi Sigma Phi, all I can be is thankful. This club has helped shape me into who I am. The leadership opportunities I’ve had, the community and being surrounded by so many amazing women, and the communication skills I have gained from this club are immeasurable. I’m so grateful for the opportunities this club has given me and the many connections it has made. The friendships formed over the years, because of Sig Phi, are ones I will forever be thankful for,” Mauldin said.

Ashley Scrivener shared how, for her, God has used her through her participation in a social club in many different ways.

“Being apart of a social club has given me friends, a community, opportunities to learn, grow and serve. Through Thetas, I have learned to be a better friend, helper, servant and I have learned to be more faithful and dependent on God for everything,” Scrivener said.

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