Girl Power at the 2021 Golden Globes

Tiffany Buschman

Just shy of the beginning of Women’s History month, women in the entertainment industry received record breaking accolades that will certainly go down in history. February 28, 2021, the entertainment industry celebrated the 78th annual Golden Globe awards. This awards ceremony became a momentous event, especially the for women who were present. Colombia Broadcasting System reported all of the 2021 Golden Globe nominees and

According CBS News, “the nominees for best motion picture director Golden Globe this year were, Chloe Zhao … Emerald Fennell … David Fincher … Regina King … and Aaron Sorkin, the director of the film ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven.’”

These nominations are historical and record breaking due to the fact that three of the five directors nominated for this Golden Globe are women. The British Broadcasting Corporation commented on these female director Golden Globe nominations.

“Three women have been nominated for best director at the Golden Globe awards. Emerald Fennel was nominated for directing her first feature film, ‘The Promising Young Woman.’ Regina King who is an Oscar winning actress, has now moved behind the camera being nominated for directing ‘One Night in Miami.’ The final woman nominee for the best director Golden Globe is Chloe Zhao, who has become the first woman of Asian descent to be nominated for this particular award,” BBC news wrote.

Currently, there are only two former female nominees for the best director Golden Globe. So these 2021 female nominees will be inducted into the very small and unofficial female director nominees’ hall of fame.

BBC News reported on the only former female nominees.

“The last female director to be nominated for best director was Ava DuVernay for ‘Selma’ in 2014, and prior to that Barbra Streisand for ‘Yentl’ in 1984,” BBC News wrote.

Therefore, there has been collectively 37 years between these female director nominations with 30 years between the first and second female nominees, plus seven years between the second and now the three new nominees.

Not only did these female directors make Golden Globe history by raising the number of female directors nominated for the best director from two to five, but one particular female made history.

By becoming only the second woman to win the Golden Globe for best director within the award show’s 73-year history, one of the aforementioned female nominees made a historical win.

CBS News reported the winner of the Golden Globe for best director.

According to CBS News, “The winner of the 2021 Golden Globe for the best motion picture director is Chloe Zhao, who directed the film ‘Nomadland.’”

Chloe Zhao will go down in history as the second female director to win the Golden Globe for best director. And furthermore, the Chinese Chloe Zhao became the first Asian woman to ever win best director – granting her recognition for two historic moments in one prize and making her an inspiration for young Asian girls everywhere.

But on top of this, Zhao and all her fellow nominees for the best director category were also nominated for the 2021 best drama motion picture Golden Globe.

Again, the works, “‘Nomadland,’ directed by Chloe Zhao, ‘Promising Young Woman,’ directed by Emerald Fennell, ‘Mank’ directed by David Fincher, ‘One Night in Miami,’ directed by Regina King and ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven,’ directed by Aaron Sorkin” were lined up for the best drama motion picture category.

According to CBS News, Chloe Zhao was awarded this prize for her monumental film, “Nomadland.”

As if women in the entertainment industry hadn’t already made a statement at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, Zhao arose victorious claiming the Golden Globe for the best motion drama motion picture of 2021.

At the end of the day, the female representation shown at the Golden Globes was momentous. But of all the women nominated during this awards ceremony, Chloe Zhao shone brightest as an Asian woman who made history in film making the night of February 28, 2021.

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