CAB presents: Freshman Follies

Courtesy Photo / OBU
In order to maintain social distancing, Freshman Follies, presented by the Campus Activities Board, was held outside Raley Chapel. 

 Morgan Jackson 

Arts Editor 

The stage was set on the steps of Raley Chapel for one of Bison Hill’s favorite events. Campus Activities Board showcased the talents of the newest members of the OBU family on Sat. September 19. 

Students and members of the OBU community were gathered around the Raley Chapel lawn on blankets and in lawn chairs to enjoy the show. Freshman Follies was the first CAB show of the semester. The weather was cool and just right for a night of on-campus entertainment. 

The theme of the show this year was “Follieing Through the Decades” and highlighted music and entertainment from different eras. The stage band opening the show with a song. 

 The stage band included Tyler Smothers, Katie Logan, Lauren Jones, Chester Brown, Brock Currie, Caleb Dyer, Isaac Briggs and Tyler Koonce. The show opened in the 2000s. 

The show opened with a compelling performance by freshman Tim Michaux. He graced the crowd with a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. 

It’s obvious that the crowd enjoyed the familiar song, and they definitely enjoyed Michaux’s curly blonde wig. Next, the audience met their emcees for the night: Laina Poe and Katie Palmer. 

The next performance took the production back to the 90s. Bethany Goepfrich and Jenna Brumley performed “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts, also known as the Friends theme song. The two had fun harmonies and those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed hearing this beloved song, clapping at the right moments. 

The emcees of the night transitioned into the next sketch, a game show entitled “Lickity Split.” 

The game show was in the style of an 80s game show. The emcees did an excellent job hosting and entertaining the crowd with their very impressive voices and comedic timing. 

Katie Logan and the stage band performed “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton. After that, the emcees invited the crowd to do a sing-along. 

The selection of songs spanned the decades, with the crowd favorite being ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” 

The next act performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Freshmen Channing Hopkins, Jaylin Anders and Emily Day had a beautiful three-part harmony together. This song was one of the sweetest moments of the night. 

The next sketch was reminiscent of a Julia Child-esque cooking show. The final act of the night was Jachin McDonald, who performed the jazz standard “Sweet Lorraine.” It was a great way to wrap up the show. The night was wrapped up by the CAB co-chairs. CAB members, the acts, and the stage band stood together for a final bow. 

In the age of restrictions on gatherings and a severe lack of live entertainment, Freshman Follies was a very welcome event by the OBU community. 

The responsibility of social distancing and mask wearing by those in attendance was highlighted before the event began. Campus Activities Board hosts shows throughout the year that are major campus events. 

The next CAB event is tentatively scheduled for October. 

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