Registration open for OBU seniors Nov. 4, freshman Nov. 8

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Class registration for J-Term and Spring 2020 Nov. 4.

Josiah Jones

News Editor

With two months left in the semester, students at Oklahoma Baptist University will soon register for the 2020 J-Term and spring semesters.

Different classifications of students have different things they should prioritize as they choose classes.

However, all students should either register with assistance or online using OBU’s self-service banner web page.

Registration opens for seniors Monday, Nov. 4; juniors Tuesday, Nov. 5.; sophomores Wednesday, Nov. 6; and freshmen Friday, Nov. 8.

Registration for each classification will open at 7 a.m. on the assigned day. The credit hours a student is taking this semester count toward their classification when register- ing.

OBU’s website contains more information about the prerequisites for registering, including how to get a registration information packet.

First-time students must pay a $125 enrollment guarantee to be able to register.

“Freshmen should be sure they know what core courses they need to take to stay on track, as well as whether any courses in their major are required in the first year,” associate professor of English Dr. Brent Newsom said.

According to OBU’s web- site, students can use the on- line registration site before registration opens to “…look for class openings, complete registration, and add or drop [classes] for the current semester.”

To register online on their own, they must obtain a registration PIN and approval signature from their faculty advisor.

“Secure approval of your Dean for any overloads (more than 13 hours if conditional or probation and more than 17 hours if in good standing),” OBU’s website read. “Limit to 6 hours for Summer Term I or II.”

Many resources are avail- able for students who would like help.

“[A] student’s faculty adviser, the Milburn Center, and the Academic Center are all available to assist students with any difficulties they have getting registered,” Newsom said.

Students should remember fulfill the requirements of any applicable financial aid before registering.

“Students with Financial Aid must meet all stat- ed deadlines for application AND receipt/acknowledgment;” the website read. “Students on Church Vocations Scholarships must pick up the schedule for required meetings from College of Theology and Ministry, Ow- ens Hall. Students with Vocational Rehabilitation Scholar- ships must participate in the required interview.”

Sophomores and higher should be sure they know when they are registering for higher-level core classes.

“If students have questions related to registering for ‘Western Civ’ courses,” Newsom said, “they should contact Dr. Ben Myers, who helps coordinate enrollment and scheduling issues for all Civ sections.”

Several OBU students intend to graduate May of 2020.

“If they’ve not done so already, seniors should seek a degree check from the Academic Center to make extra sure they’re on track to fulfill all their degree requirements (this is really recommended in the junior year),” Newsom said.


Beyond that during academic advising is a valuable opportunity to talk with your adviser about a job search, graduate school, or other aspects of life after graduation,” said Newsom.



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