Non-traditional student Dustin Miller shares his story

dustin miller_courtesy dustin miller.png

Courtesy Photo/Dustin Miller

Above: When Miller became a student at OBU, he was already married and had two children.

NaamaN HeNager

Faith Editor

Every Christian has a story to tell and, for one OBU student, college has shaped his story.

Dustin Miller is a junior nursing major, but how he got here is the work of God.

His experience at OBU is one example of the diverse range of people that OBU’s work has impacted.

Miller and his wife have been married for thirteen years and he said that his wife has been very supportive of his journey.

They have two kids whom they both love dearly, and he said that he is doing all of this for them.

However, while it is very trying on him, it also is trying on his kids.

“Between school, volunteering and what little bit of work that I do, it’s trying,” Miller said.

He said he considers himself a non-traditional student because he is married, and he has two kids, yet he enjoys it.

“It’s been neat coming here and experiencing, even though there is a huge age gap between me and the underclassmen,” Miller said.

His journey towards his time at OBU began in 2013 when he joined the fire department and realized he enjoyed the medical portion of it as well as the firefighting portion.

“During that time, I was 434 pounds,” Miller said.

And so, in 2016, Miller decided that he was going to have weight loss surgery.


“I was a Christian [at that time], but I wasn’t going to church, I had lost connection with God there in that time,” Miller said.

Following his weight loss surgery, Miller decided to change his life spiritually as well. He decided to get back into church.

“In July of that year I told my wife, if I am changing mentally and physically, I am going to go ahead and change spiritually,” Miller said.

November 2016, Miller had the weight loss surgery and then by February of 2017 his wife lost her job. He encouraged her to become a stay at home mom, then he set out to complete his business degree from OBU.

“At the time I was working at Tinker Air Force Base as a supervisor, ad a mechanic, making goof money,” Miller said.

Miller had to trust God throughout this process, as it was difficult to go back to school and also work full time.

“I looked up to the sky one more time and I just said I wonder about nursing,” Miller said.

“As soon as I said that everything became crystal clear.”

Following that he called his sister-in-law wondering what his next steps were to become a nurse. Miller said he was worried about the toll it would take on him and his family as he was going to try to work full time and go to school.

The he was sitting at work one evening and came across an ad for OBU’s master program. He did some research and found out they had a bachelor’s program for nursing.

“The following day I applied and basically a week later I was accepted to Oklahoma Baptist University,” Miller said.

Miller said he believed OBU was the right school for him.

“It is there that I realized that God had set forth a plan for me to be here,” Miller said.

God gave Miller a love to help people and he is from a town that does not have many opportunities for volunteers, so he always has had a drive to serve.

“Next thing I know I am in a school that is going to allow me to serve, but also be able to worship Christ,” Miller said.

Miller’s journey, he said, has been crazy.

However, he looks back and he can see how God has led him to where he is.

Miller loves sharing his story and it is because of the impact that it has on the people listening. He believes every person has a story to tell.

“I love sharing my story, I try to tell it every chance I get,” Miller said.






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