2019-2020 Harvest Court Winners Announced

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Courtesy Photo/ the bison

The 2019-2020 Harvest Court winners pose at the Homecoming football game.

Zoe Charles

Assistant News Editor

Saturday, Oct. 26, OBU’s Student Government Association Announced the winners of the 2019-2020 Harvest Court. The Harvest Court recognition is an annual occurrence at OBU which aims to recognize members of the senior class in several categories through a school-wide survey.

First, a list of nominees is gathered from a poll sent out to all OBU students in which sophomores, juniors, and seniors nominate their peers in the categories most servant like, best all-around, and king or queen. The gender-specific titles are then compiled into a list of finalists.

The finalists for this year were announced Oct. 11 .

Oct. 26, a little over a week after the finalists were announced, the overall Harvest Court category victors were announced during half-time at the OBU football game against Arkansas-Monticello. The winners of each category are as follows:

Most Servant-like male: Misael Gonzalez

Most Servant-like female: Taylor Seacat

Harvest King: Anthony Williams

Harvest Queen: Emily Wall

Best all-around male: Ryan Fisher

Best all-around female: Megan Kalinowski

Before the grand victors were announced many of the finalists responded to requests for comment.

“I definitely do not deserve to be nominated, but I appreciate it so much! There are so many people that have served me during my time at OBU!” the crowned Most Servant-Like Female Taylor Sea- cat said.

She said she doesn’t have specific plans to celebrate the award.

“I don’t think that I will do anything special. I will just be grateful for it!” Seacat said.

Similarly, Harvest Queen Emily Wall said she was grateful to receive the honor.

“I am very honored to be nominated for Harvest Court!” Wall said. “I value so many of my classmates as people who have impacted many students and organizations on campus, so I honestly feel a little out of my league. It is such a kind privilege to be a representative of my class in this way.”

“The Lord has been so faithful during my years at OBU to give me sweet relationships and places to serve on campus,” Wall said. “I am so grateful for the peers and faculty I’ve gotten to know throughout my time here. I have been changed in so many ways by the grace of the Lord and my relationships built here.”

Prior to receiving the award, Wall said she did not have specific plans for how she will celebrate.

“[…]I don’t really know what I’ll ‘do’ haha,” she said. “It is an honor, and I will be very grateful! It won’t really change anything, but it would be a sweet memory, for sure.”

Ryan Fisher who was eventually crowned best all- around male.

“I am extremely thankful to be nominated for Harvest Court,” he said. “It is an honor that students have chosen me for this, especially because I am a junior graduating this upcoming May. It is encouraging to know that I have made a positive impact on others through my involvement on campus. Whether I win my category or not, I will go out to eat with my family and reflect on the great memories that I have made with the amazing people at this school.”

Megan Kalinowski, crowned best all-around female, also expressed her thanks to be selected.

“It’s really exciting to be nominated, and I’m honored to be here,” she said. “It’s a fantastic group of humans, and I’m grateful to get to be a small part of this exciting OBU tradition!” Kalinowski said.

“[…]I think the process of being on court is the fun part- -I will certainly be grateful if I win and it would be quite the exciting memory for my college years,” Kalinowski said.

Other nominated finalists also offered praises of their peers and congratulations to the eventual winners.



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