Singing Ensembles travel to proclaim God’s Truth

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Courtesy Photos/The Bison


Left Picture: Bison Glee Club performed at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas as well as First Baptist Duncan, Oklahoma.
Right Picture: University Chorale preformed at Memorial Heights Baptist Church in Claremore, Oklahoma as well as First Baptist Church Inola, Oklahoma.

Naaman Henager

Faith Editor

Saturday, Oct 5, the Bison Glee Club left for Dallas. They were scheduled to sing at Cathedral Guadalupe at 5 and 7 pm. However, their trip took a sudden turn and they were unable to make their first stop.

About thirty minutes out, their bus broke down causing them to miss their five o’clock performance. The good thing is, the group had the opportunity to sing in a Mazzio’s parking lot.

When their second bus had arrived, Bison Glee Club be- gan its journey again. They were on their way to their seven o’clock performance and were going to make it in due time. Then a sudden accident caused them to miss that performance as well.

Throughout this experience, club members were calm and knew that the Lord was working.

“He’s always there, particularly in the accident, He kept everyone safe,” senior piano performance major Mitchell Manlapig said.

No students were injured in the traffic accident, and it gave students a chance to reflect on how God works even in and through unexpected circumstances.

“There’s a reason for everything, whether we know what that reason is or not,” Manlapig said.

This trip was not just an opportunity for these students to visit different churches around Oklahoma and proclaim God truth, but a time for them to grow as brothers in Christ.

“It showed me that I was very blessed to have a brotherhood,” junior communication studies major Kyle Daughabaugh said.

Bison Glee Club sang a number of songs during their trip, under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Mathews, dean of the Warren M. Angell College of fine arts and professor of music and director of the Bison Glee Club.

When these students are singing these songs, there is a lot to remember. When to come in, what notes to sing, etc. However, through all of this they strive to remember the meaning behind the songs.

The Glee Club is currently singing a piece called “I’m Not Ashamed” by Isaac Watts. This piece is very stern, and it causes the students to think about the idea of not being ashamed of the gospel.

“That really spoke to me, not only as a choir member who is singing it but as some- one who is not ashamed,” Daughabaugh said.

The Glee Club sang this piece at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Tex- as, which was the Club’s first performance of their trip, because of the transportation struggles they faced.

Continuing their tour, Club traveled to First Baptist Church of Duncan, Oklahoma where they led worship for their evening service. Glee Club sang a number of songs and also incorporated Psalms in the service, an ideal for which Mathews is an advocate.

At the close of their trip Club members had the opportunity to hear their bus driver’s testimony. Many of the members were touched by his willingness to be open and share his struggles.

“The testimony that the bus driver gave was very touching,” Daughabaugh said.

Sunday, Oct 13, the University Chorale had the privilege of visiting two churches: Memorial Heights Baptist in Claremore, Oklahoma as well as First Baptist Church Inola.

Their trip was not as hectic as Bison Glee Club’s, yet they also had the opportunity and the privilege to proclaim God’s truth through song.

This year Chorale is sing- ing a piece by professor of music and Burton H. Patter- son professorship in music, Dr. James Vernon. The piece is titled “Psalm 57” and has gained the hearts of many Chorale members. Both ensembles are directed by Mathews.



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